Xbox plans to release new first-party games every three months

By developing and investing in Xbox Game Studios, Xbox hopes to eventually release a new first-party game roughly every three months.

“As far as the overall lineup goes, we want to get to a point of releasing a new game every quarter,” said Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty, discussing the company’s first-party strategy during a conference. a broader presentation on the future of xbox. “Games can take up to four or five years to make, and the reality is that not every project we start will get started…that’s how we got to where we are today, with two dozen of studios, creating games in a variety of genres. We know that a thriving entertainment service needs a constant and exciting stream of new content. Our portfolio will continue to grow as our service grows.

After acquiring Bethesda and Zenimax last year, Xbox Game Studios now has 23 studios. Mainstays like 343 Industries and Turn 10 remain central to Xbox’s first-party plans, but new blood like Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 developer Ninja Theory and RPG powerhouse Obsidian (currently working on the first-person fantasy RPG Declared, who may or may not see each other at E3 2021) have greatly expanded the group’s footprint and capabilities.

Even with so many studios under its umbrella, it’s unclear when Xbox will be able to deliver and maintain the release schedule that Booty alludes to. As he says, games take time, and even with so many upcoming Xbox Series X games on the horizon, there is currently no guarantee that the platform’s exclusive and proprietary offerings will line up quarterly, or that releasing a new proprietary game every three months will even be possible as early as 2022. .

The unique difficulties of the past year and the changes have stalled and derailed the development of countless games, not to mention the sales of the new generation of consoles, so the industry in general is still in the catch-up phase. Xbox has held up well in 2020, but it’s certainly not immune to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. In April, the company’s chief financial officer, Amy Hood, confirmed that Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S shortages would last until at least July 2021.

Without dramatic improvements in the global semiconductor shortage behind this console bottleneck, the next generation of consoles will continue to be limited by supply, which could affect new games as well. Nonetheless, Xbox seems confident in its ability to support the growing Xbox ecosystem with a healthy supply of first-party games and launch those games simultaneously on Game Pass.

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Joseph K. Bennett