What are you memes? 90 Day Fiance Extension

Source: What are you memes?/the pop insider

Prepare to fall in love too quickly. What are you memes? has teamed up with TLC to create the 90 Day Fiancé expansion pack you didn’t know you needed.

The reality series 90 day fiance tracks Americans who meet someone abroad (usually online) and bring them to the United States.

The series is well known for its spin-offs, including Before 90 days, The other side, and Around the world in 90 days (ok, that last one is wrong). In the expansion pack, fans can find their favorite – and least favorite – actors from multiple shows in the franchise. Memorable moments are featured on 30 picture cards and the 50 caption cards feature 90-day twists.

Players can add the expansion pack into their OG What Do You Meme? for a game that could last longer than some of the marriages in the series. Everyone competes to create the funniest memes with the cards and a rotating judge picks the winner each round.

What are you memes? 90 Day Fiancé Expansion pairs well with a glass of wine, a TLC binge, and the kind of friends who would ask you if someone just married you for a green card.

Joseph K. Bennett