We’ve got 7 tips to take your dinner party to the next level

Who doesn’t love entering a warm and cozy home, gathering around a nice table with their best friends and enjoying an evening of great food and wine? Turn your next dinner party into a memorable evening with these seven entertaining elements from Maxwell & Williams:

  1. Planning
  • Guest list: Inviting a group of friends who have nothing in common can make the evening awkward. Group friends who have similar interests together to keep the conversation going.
  • Find out about dietary requirements: Imagine serving an exceptional meat pasta dish only to discover that your guests are gluten-intolerant vegetarians.
  • Prepare as much as possible before guests arrive: You want to enjoy the evening with your friends and not toil in the kitchen. Something like pasta and a green salad, a curry with rice and sambals or a roast with vegetables and potatoes. Simple, seasonal and tasty are the key words here.

2. Comfortable

Nothing is cozier than a wood fire. Or turn on your gas heater and light dozens of candles or string lights. Create comfortable spaces where guests can sit or stand together. Remember that guests will likely arrive with scarves, coats, and jackets, so allocate a room or closet where all of these items can be stored.

3. Music

Why not take out the vinyl records or CDs and ask the guests to choose the music for the evening? For a less hands-on approach, create a playlist on your favorite streaming platform like Spotify or Deezer.

4. Table

Never underestimate the impact a beautifully set table has on your guests. Think place cards, candles and napkins combined with your favorite tableware and serving dishes. Complete the look with seasonal flowers or greenery from your garden. Keep your plates warm in the oven and only put them on the table when serving your main course.

5. Drinks

There’s nothing wrong with a BYO (bring your own) meeting, but it’s always important to have a stocked beverage station available with good wines and non-alcoholic beverages like infused water or juice . An interesting welcome drink could be a conversation starter in itself!

6. Personalize

Hand written place cards with names and a hand written menu are a simple, quick and inexpensive table addition that will create a unique feel and make your guests feel special. Have smaller blankets handy for guests who might be very cold and don’t forget to check that your guest bathroom is refreshed with fluffy towels, flowers, enough toilet paper and cream to hands.

7. Memories

End dinner on a high note by giving each guest something special to remember the evening. Everything from homemade shortbread to a cute mug will be just perfect.

Joseph K. Bennett