Westport party planner pivots business during pandemic

Event planners have been hit hard by the pandemic, forcing many of them out of business. But a local woman-owned business has found a way to adapt.

Susie Blumenfeld has planned all sorts of colorful events at Productions of the pink house in Westport for about two decades in all three states.

When COVID-19 hit, she thought the party was over. Blumenfeld found a way to stay relevant and, more importantly, stay in business.

“We personalize a lot for our events, everything is very personalized, so I said, might as well take that personalization and make it a gift business. So I started selling personalized gifts,” Blumenfeld said.

She now sells lots of baby gifts, personalized mugs, bottles and hats — even gifts for new homebuyers in the housing rush.

Blumenfeld says she was very busy last fall with events and already has events booked this spring.

She says what we all need more than ever is an excuse to get together.

“The whole world has suffered a lot, so everyone needs this happiness and they need these events to continue, I think,” Blumenfeld said.

Blumenfeld has captured countless memories with her company, and despite the pandemic, she plans to do so much more.

Joseph K. Bennett