Universal Studios Japan Celebrates Another Big Halloween Horror Event

In many places in Japan, precautionary measures are reduced due to the corona virus. People are eager to resume normal daily life. At the same time, events like Halloween are resurfacing. As a result, places like Universal Studios Japan are slowly starting to reinvent themselves. The amusement park has announced that there will be another Halloween Horror Night in the fall.

The hugely popular horror event hasn’t happened since 2019, but visitors still remember the event, which lasted more than one night. This year, Halloween Horror Night aims to encourage anticipation of the real Halloween night and will therefore run until September 8th. The last spooky night should be November 6th.

“Resident Evil” at Universal Studios Japan

During the event, street zombies returned, among other things, after sunset and terrifying passers-by populating the New York district of the park. Universal Studios Japan wants to capture the last few years and this year promises more different zombies on the streets than ever before. The overall theme this year is a zombie circus. The goal is to combine some visitors’ fear of zombies with the creepy clowns to increase the chill factor.

Universal Studios Japan regularly calls on creative partners for these major events. This year, the company is increasingly working with game developers like Capcom. Capcom is one of the creators of the internationally successful “Resident Evil” universe, which is reflected in the Halloween event. After all, zombies chasing people also play an important role in it.

A maze of horror and survival is planned under the label “Resident Evil the Extreme Plus” (or “Biohazard the Extreme Plus”, as the game is called in Japan). This is an improved and expanded version of the 2019 charm. Inspired by the game Resident Evil 2, visitors and another raccoon enter the city police department building where they interact with zombies and encounter creatures. other creatures. It’s not just about getting out of the maze, participants have to complete various missions to earn a rank which can also be earned in-game.

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Additionally, Universal Monsters-Legend of Fear-Labyrinth opened at Universal Studios Japan, which previously delighted horror fans at Universal Studios Orlando in Florida. The setting here is a dark cemetery surrounded by famous horror characters such as Dracula, Frankenstein or the Werewolf. Visitors must navigate the maze while being chased by monsters.

Horror with familiar faces Image: Universal Studios Japan

If you want to dance with zombies instead of being chased by them, you can do so at the Zombie Day Dance Show. Throughout the duration of the event, all visitors are still requested to wear masks. Not only to counter the spread of the corona virus, but also to give the spooky atmosphere of the park a little boost.

Halloween party with monster effects Image: Universal Studios Japan

Joseph K. Bennett