Underrated Party Games on Nintendo Switch

board games are essential to any gamer’s library, whether it’s for a late-night Discord call, a long-distance celebration, or just a general get-together and way to pass the time. But with classics like mario party and jack box being the benchmark, players feel like they are slowly losing their charm.

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Avid board game gamers are looking for the next best night out, and luckily the Nintendo Switch is home to hundreds of titles to incite everything from laughter to rage while testing long-held friendships.


ten Ultimate Horse Chicken

Ultimate Horse Chicken is a hilarious, fast-paced platformer with one intention: to sabotage all other players. Armed with a box of weapons, platforms, and obstacles on each level, players must carefully select their tools and placement to create the most mayhem. But among the clutter, a handful of players must cross the finish line, so that the whole team can progress.

If you make a level too easy, no points will be rewarded, which means no champion can be crowned at the end. Players must think carefully when placing their items, creating paths that only they can travel to win the game.

9 light fingers

If the typical, fast-paced mini-games don’t fit the bill, then this magically mechanical board game-like title will satisfy any group of adventurers. light fingers is intense yet beautiful, following the journey of a group of thieves and putting their skills to the test in a series of raid dungeons – occupied by the opposition.

Race against each other to receive the most loot and evade the guards who are tentatively chasing each wanted player, light fingers is an enchanting, randomly generated game, which means no two games are the same.

8 Japan Marathon

Japan Marathon is a hilarious physics-focused four-man marathon across Japan. Tasking players with smashing through urban areas while dodging fruit, this title intermittently interrupts the race with mini-games, which bring a whole new whirlwind of fun.

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Bursting the screen with colors and a cast of unexpected characters, Japan Marathon is inspired by the crazy nature of shows like Takeshi Castle and applies it to an incredibly hilarious title that any gamer can pick up with a group of friends. The chaos of this title is guaranteed to result in a fit of laughter and a memorable moment. No matter the skill level of each player.

seven gang beasts

To all gamers looking for a hilarious, slapstick fighting game filled with gelatinous characters, gang beasts tick each box. This brawl-based title explores many dangerous environments and entertains for hours. Rather than contain co-op dependent minigames, gang beasts is a brutal fight to the death between friends.

Allowing up to four players and featuring easy-to-remember controls, this title is perfect for anyone new to the game while offering a chance to win among veteran players. In addition, gang beasts can be played on Nintendo Switch with a single joy-con – making it even easier for players to get in and out.

6 cake party

cake party is a frantic four-player race to become the tastiest cake in the café. Essentially, the goal is to beat each other’s crumbs – while engaging in food-themed mini-games and racing each other out of the oven.

From collecting scoops of ice cream to dodging pesky pigeons, the mini-games featured in cake party are similar to those of mario party, without feeling of deja vu. Instead, it’s an exciting and lovable take on a classic board game, paired with a comedic, slightly dark lens – so it’s perfect for any occasion.

5 Push Ho

Tasked with achieving a relatively simple goal of not falling, Push Ho is a game that depends on friendship, cooperation and trust to reach the finish line. Playing as long-limbed squares, players must use their own hands and the outstretched arms of friends to thrash through open spaces, avoid obstacles, and complete a series of death-defying challenges.

But mistakes are inevitable along the way and sacrifices must be made. In addition, Push Ho doesn’t shy away from making players aware of this, and well-placed spikes followed by an overly ambitious swing might be the thing to trigger arguments. So, given that each player takes note of their surroundings and moves carefully, Push Ho is a fantastic board game for friends who can work together.

4 Totally reliable delivery service

Adopting ragdoll physics similar to games like human fall flat and gang beasts, Totally reliable delivery service is a fun series of challenges in which a group of friends must cooperate. Pursuing the same goal of providing as many packages as possible, this title will take players through numerous platforms, puzzles and dangerous levels while maintaining an upbeat atmosphere.

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Rather than pitting players against each other, this game uses team progression and ensures that players rely on each other to progress. For a humorous and wholesome pleasure – Totally reliable delivery service is where to go.

3 Pico Park

However Pico ParkThe design of may be minimalistic, this cute title has the power to end friendships with its multiplayer mode. Following the rule of “take all the keys and reach the goal and clean up”, Pico Park doesn’t seem like a particularly difficult game to begin with. But given the many gadgets at each level, discussions of how to progress are where the competition grows.

For up to eight players, this wild pixelated puzzle game is all about co-op. Challenging minigames requiring simple mechanics will have a group of players who will challenge everything, but at least bright colors and charming characters will keep it fun.

2 Lovers in a dangerous space-time

With an entire galaxy of neon lights in the palms of players’ hands, Lovers in a dangerous space-time tasks a crew to explore intergalactic travel while battling evil robots and random level layouts. This game depends on all players working as a team, so there is no space or time for bickering.

Lovers in a dangerous space-time supports up to four player co-op and gives each player a meaningful role within the space station, so no player is left behind. Turrets, lasers, and thrusters are piloted by everyone involved, and it’s impossible to navigate space without them. So gather a team and head for the stars in this deliciously addictive canape co-op.

1 astro bear

Despite how adorable this game looks, it will still ignite the competitive nature of any group of friends. astro bear supports up to four players and challenges friends not to cross paths while dashing around a small planet.

With eight adorable cubs to choose from, players must use these furry friends’ hidden abilities for a chance to win. To any gamer looking for a frenetic yet fun intergalactic adventure while having a cute and humorous cast, then astro bear is a worthy addition to any gaming library.

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