The Yellow Rose Theater will present GIGI’S PARTY at the Den Theater

The Yellow Rose Theater will continue its 3rd season with a new version of Gigi’s Party by Joseph Zaki, an exploration of the progression of technology, healthcare and the meaning of life in 2058, directed by Kelly Levande.

The production will run from August 17 to September 3, 2022 on Stage 2A of the Den Theater, 1331 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622 in Chicago. Tickets are currently available to the public at or by calling The Den Box Office at (773) 697-3830.

Please Note: In accordance with the League of Chicago Theatres, all entertainers, performers, staff and patrons 5 years of age or older attending events at The Den Theater must provide proof of a full COVID-19 vaccination course. 19. See more details on

The production will star Katherine Wettermann, Kieran O’Connor, Sean Frett, Joe Bushell, Elizabeth Keller, Madeline Diego, Sophia Vitello and Joseph Zaki.

Gigi’s party is in the year 2058. Deadly diseases are a thing of the past. Technology is deeply embedded in the healthcare profession. Thanks to these medical advances, life expectancy will have increased from 70 to 160 years.

The play explores the highly positive and transformational benefits of technology against humanity’s struggle to adapt to rapid progress, addressing questions such as: “How will technology improve our lives in a few years? will the next generation deal with depression and suicide? What role will the game of religion play?” These are some of the lingering questions that will be transformed by technology in 2058, but that we as individuals and as a human race will still need to address. CW: This piece contains a theme of suicide.

Director Kelly Levande commented: “Our society has collectively dealt with so many existential topics over the past two years. We have had time to reflect on what quality of life should be, where scientific advances might take us, and for some of us, the role religion plays in helping us process this beautiful gift of life I have no doubt that advances in science will lead us to a place where we can live longer lives, and what that does to people who don’t always enjoy this existence. In Gigi’s case, she must grapple with morality, mortality, and spirituality in her choice to move on with life. Gigi’s Party is a play that resonates with all who live a human existence. It combines humor and romance with so many deep questions that we often have rumbled in our subconscious.”

The production team includes Nupur Gurjar (decor), Ellie Humphreys (lighting), Kelly Levande (costume, sound design), Sean Frett (props) and Joshua Fitch (stage manager).

Joseph K. Bennett