The indie that comes to revolutionize board games is called Welcome to Empyreum

One of the projects we got to see at Gamepolis 2022 that we hadn’t done justice so far was Welcome to Empyreum, from Tapioca Games, which has the backing of DEV, PlayStation Talents and the Trazos school. It is a board game for one to four players in which we become the cleaning staff of a luxury hotel and have to clean particular rooms and also perform other crazy tasks to the satisfaction of customers.

The title, without a specific release date but still scheduled for this year, as indicated on its Steam page, has some similarities with other board games such as Overcooked, Mario Party or Moving Out.

We were able to chat with Dario Perezgame producer, who told us about the variety of systems and mini-games included in Welcome to Empyreum, since each room will have a different game dynamic, while sometimes we will have to perform curious tasks such as feeding carnivorous plants without die, or take care of a baby and clean up the mess in the room before his parents return.

Although Perez pointed out that inspiration from titles like Overcooked or the aforementioned Mario Party was important in development, he assured us that the end goal and gameplay are quite differentiated and have their own style. Cleaning up the dust-filled floor reminded us of the Splatoon 3 games, and the game’s progression system bears slight similarities to Luigi’s Mansion 3, as completing a floor takes you to the next, much like Mario’s creepy brother did. made by capturing ghosts. Leaving each level clean is the main goal of the game, and that’s how Dario Perez explained it to us.

“You first enter the room, then you clear it completely and move on to the next one. When you have completed all the rooms on the floor, you have completed the level. But you can also leave certain rooms without clearing 100 % to save time. That would be the main objective. Because time is also vital to win.”

Welcome to Empyreum will announce its release date soon, but at least we already know that aside from the PC version, it will also be coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Joseph K. Bennett