The founders of Port Bar are planning a vibrant new LGBTQ bar and event space at

A new LGBTQ bar that doubles as an event venue is in the works for downtown Oakland by the founders of Porto bar at 2023 Broadway, arguably the most famous queer bar in town. Richard Fuentes and Sean Sullivan plan to open another Broadway party spot called Fluid510 (“fluid five-ten”). The San Francisco Business Times reports that the couple have rented a 5,000 square foot space at 1544 Broadway. It has 21-foot ceilings and will be flexible enough to accommodate a regular bar crowd each night, but also cabaret shows, art showcases and even small conferences.

“There is such a need for event space, we’ll let the community schedule it,” Sullivan told the SF Business Times. Fluid510 will achieve this by using two bars, one near the entrance and one at the rear, along with moveable furniture and large curtain dividers. The plan for daytime hours at Fluid510 is to give the space a more intimate feel with the rear section closed off by a curtain. In the evening, the curtains will be drawn back to reveal the large adaptable rear area set up for electronic DJ gigs, drag shows or theatrical themed events. There will also be a catering service at Fluid510, but it is not yet known what will be on the menu.

The goal is for the charismatic new bar to fill several voids in downtown Oakland. “Everyone is looking for midday spots, after-work spots and nightlife options. Oaklanders who were here before the pandemic and everyone who moved into the towers need a stylish place to go – can -to be a place that didn’t exist before. It’s about street activation,” Sullivan told the SF Business Times. Helping Fluid510 boost the street will be a racy new nightlife spot called Feelmore Social Club which will be right next door at 1542 Broadway. The PianoFight theater, which attracts fans of film, art, dance and comedy, is located at 1540 Broadway.

We’ll see a preview of what Fluid510 has to offer in September, with the venue set to host “afterparties for RuPaul’s Werq The World Tour and Oakland Pridefest back to back,” according to the SF Business Times. After that, it will take some time before you see the bar fully open. The goal is for Fluid510 to make its public debut around Christmas or New Years.

Joseph K. Bennett