The event will show how to turn guns into garden tools

The Boulder Knoll Community Farm will be the site of a hands-on demonstration by Swords to Plowshares Northeast on how to turn handed-in weapons into garden tools. The event, co-sponsored by St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, the First Congregational Church in Cheshire and the Friends of Boulder Knoll, will take place at the farm, located at 875 Boulder Knoll Rd., at 3 p.m. on Sunday, September 11.

Swords to Plowshares, co-founded by the Most Reverend James E. Curry, a retired suffragan bishop of the Episcopal Church of Connecticut, aims to build coalitions of community groups to help reduce gun violence. “With 40,000 gun deaths per year in our country, something must be done now,” the band’s website states. “The strategy we apply to this problem is to convert weapons of death into tools of life, and then use those tools for the good of the community.”

One way to do this is to live the biblical call to turn “swords into plowshares.” And, during the 9/11 event, Reverend Curry will serve as a blacksmith, using a forge and anvil to demonstrate how to turn gun parts into gardening tools. Reverend Curry says his forge is “just one strategy, one prong in a multi-pronged approach to changing the attitude towards gun violence in our community”.

In addition to the demonstration, there will be hands-on participation. This not only raises awareness of gun violence, but also provides an opportunity for the public to “do something” about it.

Other community organizations that will have representatives on site during the 9/11 event are Connecticut Against Gun Violence and the Cheshire Police Department.

The event is free. All members of the community are welcome.

For more information, contact Marjorie Chapman at [email protected]

Joseph K. Bennett