The Best Diwali Board Games You Can Play With Your Friends Online

From Name Place Animal Thing to Heads Up, here are the best games you can play with friends and family on a Zoom call.

Diwali is just around the corner. But it’s not the same this year. The ongoing pandemic has made it nearly impossible for people to meet friends and family for the Diwali celebrations. For some, the pandemic has made it difficult to return home and celebrate the Festival of Lights with family members. Thanks to video calling platforms such as Google Meet, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Zoom and their extensive participant limits, people can not only celebrate Diwali with friends and family remotely, but they can also play games virtually. Diwali.

If you’re planning a virtual Diwali party, here are the best games you can play:

Name Place Animal Thing

Name Place Animal Thing is one of the most popular games of yesteryear. Minimize the video call to give the timer some space, or bring in an extra person to regulate the time and lyrics. Let one person start and choose the alphabet to start the game and see who is most aware of name, place, animal and things.


Tambola is an all time favorite game for people of all age groups in which you have to cut the numbers that are called. You can keep 4 prize slots: Rows, 4-corners, Early-7 and full house. Distribute the chips via WhatsApp and others can draw it on a sheet as it is. You can then start the game with music and drinks. Cheers to Tambola Online and let the fun begin.

I have never

Prepare drinks or coffee shots in shot glasses. Make sure everyone has 10 shot glasses with them. Decide who will ask whom. Start the game and start asking questions you’ve never asked in your life. If your friend did this, they will get a hit and the circle will continue until all hits are complete.

Heads up

Download the app, then choose the theme you want to play. Now hold the phone to your head and a word/character will come up that your friend on the other side of the video call will help you guess. If you get a good answer, you just have to tilt the phone forward and the next guess will come and in case you jump, you just have to tilt it back. When your turn is over, your friend will then start and you will help him guess.


Everyone should have a whiteboard or notebook in hand. Start from the top of your group video call, now the first person will draw a word and the first person to guess will win. It can also be in a group, if there are two to three people in one place. In this case, one person from the group will draw and the other team will have to guess in less than a minute to win. Make it fun, keeping a challenge for the losing team.

Joseph K. Bennett