The 10 Best Board Games for Nintendo Switch

From the moment we first saw the Nintendo Switch, it was heralded as a device tailor-made for socializing. The portability, along with the fact that each Joy-Con can be used as an individual controller, makes this the easiest console to pull out for some quick multiplayer fun. As a company, Nintendo has always focused on creating fun games and social experiences above all else, and it certainly exemplified that ideology with the Switch. However, not all games on Switch are suitable for a party environment. These games should be more than just multiplayer games, but also titles that are easy to pick up and play.

The first line of Switch games contains the majority of the best board games. No one knows their hardware better than Nintendo, and they’ve gone out of their way to create perfect board games that even people who don’t traditionally play games can have fun with, like the Wii did before. That being said, there are plenty more games on the Switch that can be great for small and large gatherings of friends and family. If you want to spice up a party with games, here are the best party games for Nintendo Switch.

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Joseph K. Bennett