Ten fun adult games to entertain guests

Board games are a great way to entertain everyone, and there’s always one that will break the ice and bring friends and family together, much like online bingo does.

Based on each game’s length, setup, and projected demographic, we looked at the top-rated companies and assessed classic bestsellers and newer, trending games.

Here are the ten best games we’ve found.

  1. Quickwits – Quickwits will be your game of choice for your next game night if you have a competitive team. This fast-paced card game is suitable for large groups, but it works well with groups as small as three players. The object of the game is to name objects in several categories. When two players have the same symbol on top of their stack, they rush to offer as many examples of their opponent’s category as possible without repeating a phrase.
  1. Midnight Blast – In the classic game Outburst, one team chooses a card and the other must shout descriptions that can be related to the chosen topic. This game, created by the same people, uses more cheeky phrases and more double meanings, but otherwise it’s identical. You won’t believe what comes out of your mouth!
  1. Smart ass – Is quiz night at your local pub the highlight of your week? Bring home the excitement with Smart Ass, a game for fast thinkers and fast reacters. Each who, what or where question includes ten clues read aloud by the card reader. It is fast, simple to learn and can be played individually or in a group.
  1. Wave length – The action revolves around a rotating dial in the center of the table, which provides fun insight into how well you know other players. Each team draws a card, such as Sad Song vs. Happy Song, and one person spins the dial to determine the scoring area. This person must then give a clue to their teammates so that they guess the answer and move closer to the center of the target to score points.
  1. charades – This popular game is great for parties because it involves everyone. Pick a theme, like movies, songs, or novels. Then divide the visitors into teams, with one member of each team acting out the theme of the game.
  1. blind man walking – Make sure your room is safe for children to play. You will also need to scatter balloons around the area. Your first player must be blindfolded. Then twist them three times in place before pinning them. They have to use the pin to find the balloons and pop as many as they can in 2 minutes. Of course, the rotation will make them dizzy. Thus, to reach the balloons, they must follow the advice given by the other players.
  1. Cards Against Humanity – The classic card game for adults is Cards Against Humanity. A prompt card is selected and players must fill in the blank with a card from their hand, often with hilarious results.
  1. Bounden – There’s an app for that if you want to dance but don’t want to leave your house. Bounden is a dancing game that uses your phone’s motion sensors to get you moving. Everyone picks up one end of a phone, and you’ll soon be tilting the screen to maneuver a sphere along a series of rings. Get ready to be a ballet dancer in no time.
  1. Chow Crown – Remember when everyone was obsessed with Pie Face? Chow Crown is this year’s viral phenomenon. So load up the crown with your favorite food and see how much you can eat before the music ends.
  1. What are you memes? – Players in this best-selling adult board game match picture cards with description cards to produce the funniest meme on the round. The same king or queen is crowned at the end of the game depending on who has the most cards/wins.

Joseph K. Bennett