‘Ted Lasso’ and ‘Parks and Rec’ get party games from Funko Games

Two popular comedies are heading to game night! | Source: Funko Games/The Pop Insider

Treat yourself to…a fandom-fueled game night!

Today Funko Games revealed two upcoming party games for all Diamond Dogs and Li’l Sebastian lovers.

The first is the Ted Lasso Party Game, which sounds as wholesome as the popular Apple TV series that inspired it. In the game, players will join the AFC Richmond coaching staff, using the power of Believe (and light strategy) to help the team succeed. The game features a variety of characters, events, and quotes from the show, as well as many show-themed gameplay components. There’s a soccer ball-shaped dice, the container with the tiles is shaped like the pink cookie tin Ted brings to Rebecca each day, and you can download a free companion timer app with themed sound effects.

The back of the game boxes gives a glimpse of what’s inside. | Source: Funko Games/The Pop Insider

The second game of this launch is inspired by the series Parks and recreation. With this board game, fans can select one of Pawnee’s famous Parks and Rec projects, then strike deals, recruit help, and work with co-workers to complete them (but you will earn sweeter rewards if you can take credit for the success). The game comes with a Li’l Sebastian minifigure, original artwork in the style of the Pawnee Town Hall murals, and lots of waffles! Players can choose to navigate the game as Leslie, April, Donna, Ron, Tom, or Andy. Don’t worry, other fan favorites will appear to shake things up every time you play, including Ann and Jean-Ralphio.

These games will both be available this summer and will cost $19.99 each.

Joseph K. Bennett