Sunwing Party Flight crew member James Awad challenged politician to fight him for fines

The Sunwing and James William Awad party flight is truly the gift that keeps on giving. The owner of 111 Private Club is once again ruffling some feathers, but this time it’s Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra.

In a March 29 tweet, Awad offered a boxing match against Alghabra to settle Sunwing’s fines.

James and many of the influencers on board are facing steep government fines for Awad’s high-profile night out on a Sunwing charter plane to Cancun, Mexico in December.

Awad, who also goes by the stage name Senior, tweeted at the minister saying, “I challenge @OmarAlghabra to a charity boxing match. If I lose I pay the fines and donate $1,000,000 to a charity. charity of your choice.

“If you lose you pay the fines,” Awad tweeted in the same thread a minute later. The influencer, music artist and entrepreneur extraordinaire also attached a video of Justin Trudeau’s 2012 charity boxing match against Senator Patrick Brazeaua memorable moment for the Prime Minister.

“We can take a cue from our Prime Minister,” James wrote.

It’s probably no surprise that Omar Alghabra has yet to respond to Awad’s boxing proposal, and we’re not holding our breath.

As of Monday, a total of 24 fines were issued to unruly passengers aboard the Dec. 30 Sunwing flight from Montreal to Cancun. According to Alghabra, 18 of these fines are for non-compliance with vaccination rules and six for not wearing a mask.

Awad posted a photo on Twitter sharing what appears to be his $2,500 fine for failing to follow crew instructions regarding mask use. It is clear that Awad was not a fan of the penalty. “I’ll stick with it. They should just move on. This is getting personal,” he wrote.

As Awad continues to pursue a career in music and run his own private club and various businesses, he may soon be able to add “boxer” to his resume as well – if Alghabra accepts the challenge. Now imagine what that boxing match would look like! Phew.

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Joseph K. Bennett