Stavros CIL Hosts In-Person Hiring Event

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – On Wednesday, an in-person hiring event took place at the Stavros Springfield office on Berkshire Ave.

According to Director of Services, Yasahira Ruyz, Stavros’ mission is to help people who identify with a disability and achieve the goals they have identified throughout their lives, such as community services in home that include finding accommodation or housing discrimination. People looking for a job or returning to school are also approached.

“Anyway, Stavros is one of the state centers for independent living that focuses on helping people, to make sure they have the resources, the tools, the education and support needed to achieve these goals,” Ruyz said.

Here are the types of positions available in the community through Stravros:

  • Orientation, positions for community workers as part of long-term services and support
  • Professional training for the PCA program
  • Advocacy positions
  • Membership Positions
  • Clinical positions

Ruyz said: “We have many open positions, we are looking to add more as things reopen, just re-entering the community.”

After Stravros’ struggles during the pandemic, Ruyz told 22News how she had to adjust the company’s operations to support consumers and members. “We definitely had to change the way we provide services, we would meet everyone when approaching services, we would be in people’s homes and so we had to remove that for the protection of our consumers as well as our staff and that was difficult for a lot of people, not just for staff, but there were additional challenges with that, everything went remotely, everything went in a virtual environment, few of our consumers are prepared for situations like this, in making sure we did a lot of advocacy around that.

Ruyz explains what she loves most about a hiring event, “being able to talk to people and let them know we’re here,” she said.

According to Erica Pascale, human resources assistant and benefits administrator, Stavros pays 79% of the benefits that can be received under benefits such as medical insurance, dental care at no cost to employees and mink insurance. .

For those unable to attend the event, a list of vacancies can be found on their website at

Stavros’ next event will be at a Mass Hire event at the Basketball Hall of Fame on May 6 from 4:00-7:00 p.m.

Joseph K. Bennett