Spotify’s live event feed makes it easier to know when your favorite artist is on tour

Spotify has extended its former Concert Hub and added more features to make it easier to find information and tickets for live events in your area. The streaming service sources listings for the hub, now called Live Events Feed, from its ticketing partners that include Ticketmaster, AXS, DICE, Eventbrite and See Tickets, among other companies. During the height of the COVID-19 lockdowns, the Concert Hub helped users find home or studio performances, podcast recordings, and other performances online. It turns out that Spotify was studying user behavior at the same time.

Sam Sheridan, product manager for Live Events Discovery, said Spotify has spent the past two years studying the music industry and its users. One of the biggest behaviors the company noticed was that fans interacted with the artists on the platform and then went looking for gig listings or following them on social media so they could stay up to date on tour dates. coming. “We believe the live event feed is an opportunity to help close that loop,” Sheridan said.

If you don’t see the live event stream in your app, just search for “live events”. You’ll see a list of all the performances in your area, and clicking on one will take you to an interface that includes a link where you can find and purchase tickets. If the artist you’re listening to has an upcoming tour date, Spotify will show you that event in the app while you’re listening. Spotify has also built a new messaging tool that can notify you of upcoming gigs based on your listening habits. Don’t worry, you can change your notification preferences so you don’t have to receive messages if you don’t want to.

Sheridan says Spotify will work “to embed event discovery even more directly into the app” to make it more closely tied to the listening experience, so we’ll likely see more live event updates there. ‘coming.

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Joseph K. Bennett