Sony has 17 game development studios working on first-party PlayStation games

Platform owner Sony is said to be working on a large amount of PlayStation First-Party games, with 17 studios working to create them.


Proprietary games are usually an integral part of a platform holder advertising why a potential buyer would want to buy their console. A console needs games to be entertained, and exclusives help sell a specific console or platform. A proprietary game is specifically when a game is developed and published by the company responsible for the platform on which it is published. Many games exclusive to Nintendo Switch, for example, are developed and published by Nintendo themselves.


Microsoft also has what are called Xbox exclusives, which are games that are released for Windows or Xbox owners. Infinite Halo, for example, will only be available to those who have access to one of these platforms. sony have reportedly invested large sums of money in first-party studios since 2021, and now it looks like those investments are paying off, as it’s been revealed that as many as 17 studios will be part of “PlayStation Studios”, a collaboration creating games owners for the PlayStation platform.

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The reveal of Sony having 17 studios working on first-party titles came via CES 2022, an event that saw new Razer gaming laptops, PlayStation VR2 and other big reveals for the consumer electronics industries. and games. PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan took the stage yesterday and announced that a slew of studios will be joining Sony to work on first-party exclusives for the PlayStation. While Xbox has a total of 22 studios working on their first-party titles, Sony’s number of studios is respectable.

Fans were quick to point out that although 17 studios were listed as PlayStation Studios, a few of these developers would not create games independently and would support studios and studios involved in porting PlayStation games. on PC. Although PlayStation exclusives have historically remained on PlayStation consoles, older first-party PlayStation games have recently made the jump to PC. Horizon: Zero Dawn released in August 2020 for PC, and God of the war should be available on PC later this year.

Jim Ryan wasn’t the only person teasing several upcoming projects. Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog, the studio behind PlayStation exclusives such as The last of us and Unexplored appeared at the tech conference to tease several new game projects after praising the live rendition of Unexplored, which stars Spider-Man actor Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake.

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