Small Town Balloons Provide Unique Decor For Any Event | Business

In late 2019, Mirella Diosdado was preparing for her nephew’s birthday party when her sister asked for her help creating a balloon for the event — and like any good sister, Diosdado agreed. Little did she know that the first party decoration would quickly become her own small business, which she aptly named Small Town Balloons.

“It really took off immediately. Everyone saw the display and asked her where she got it. She told them it was me and then it became a business,” she said.

Today, Small Town Balloons offers a wide range of party decor, with unique custom balloon displays and backgrounds, as well as party rentals for all occasions.

Diosdado said the company is well known for its unique balloon displays, which it creates alongside its customers to offer totally personalized party decorations and backdrops that can be used for birthday parties, weddings, balls, meetings and much more.

“Last year we did the Kilgore School Ball, and we’ve already been asked to come back and do it again next year, so I think we’re doing something right,” Diosdado said. .

She said the business is also one of the only ones in the area to carry all white bouncy houses, a particularly popular item that has become a fad in the wedding circuit.

“It all started with a woman in Canada who wanted a bouncy house for her wedding, but obviously didn’t want a kid’s one, so she built her own white bouncy house, and then it became very popular,” a- she declared.

Diosdado is a Marshall native, graduating from Marshall High School in 2014, then returning to Marshall after college to work in the Marshall Independent School District, where she is still employed full-time.

“I work full time [at MISD] and we also do small town balloons, sometimes it can be a lot, but I really love the people I work with and I love what I do with my small business,” she said.

Diosdado said anyone interested in working with Small Town Balloons can text or call her at (903) 926-5294 or email the company at [email protected] For more information on what the company has to offer, community members can visit their Facebook page at

Joseph K. Bennett