Shahs leave Anu’s housewarming party without eating

Anupama The June 16, 2022 episode begins with Barkha telling Anu that she wants to apologize on Mrs. Mehta’s behalf while Bapuji says she doesn’t need to. She then asks Mrs. Mehta to apologize to Bapuji to whom she says sorry. Barkha then asks everyone not to spoil the party and have lunch together. Later, Anu also apologizes to Barkha and says she shouldn’t have spoken rudely to him. Anu and Anuj then walk away to serve Shah family lunch. Ankush then tells Barkha that Anu is stronger than they thought.

Anupama June 16, 2022 Written update

As Anu urges everyone to have lunch, Vanraj says they won’t eat anything. This leaves Anu and Anuj in shock. Vanraj further says that they got the prasad but they won’t have lunch, to which baa backs up his decision and says their stomachs were already full with Barkha’s insult. As the Shah family leaves without food, Anu stands with tears in her eyes. On the other hand, Ankush and Barkha feel relieved at the departure of the Shah family.

Anu and Anuj in the media spotlight

Anu then speaks wholeheartedly to Anuj and says she wants her family to be together, to which Anuj says he should buy a separate house for Barkha and Ankush. Anu is shocked and urges her not to separate the family. On the other hand, Barkha loses his temper when he hears that Anu and Anuj got all the limelight in the media while their names weren’t mentioned anywhere. Ankush then goes after Barkha and reminds her of how she has been unable to maintain her relationship with her family. Meanwhile, as the Shah family returns home, Kavya asks Vanraj why didn’t he give the gift to Anuj to whom he says he didn’t want it as he already has so many expensive things in his house.

Anupama next episode spoiler

Pakhi tells everyone that she will now spend half her time at Anu’s house, to which Samar says she just wants to do that because Anu is now rich. Even Vanraj stops him from doing the same but Pakhi is adamant.

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