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DETROIT LAKES — A second rain delay during the Northwest Water Carnival on Sunday July 10 led to a dance party that kept the family having fun.

The morning began with chalk drawings of sidewalks in front of the Pavilion.

Ethan Halverson, 8, entered the sidewalk art competition on Sunday, July 10. He is the son of Sam and Karli Halverson of Frazee.

Barbie Porter/Detroit Lakes Tribune

Eight-year-old Ethan Halverson was one of the many attendees. The son of Sam and Karli Halverson of Frazee explained that he thought about his art before the big day arrived and decided to create a person.

“I trained at home,” he said.

All ages enjoyed the fun and were surprised by a special guest – Miss Minnesota 2022

Rachel Evangelist

. The Minneapolis resident said she was asked to join the Detroit Lakes Party for the Water Carnival and happily accepted.

Rachel Evangelisto of Minneapolis, Minnesota was recently crowned Miss Minnesota. She attended the Water Carnival activities on Sunday July 10 and also plans to join the parade scheduled for July 17 at 1 p.m.

Barbie Porter/Detroit Lakes Tribune

“I am thrilled to be here and meet the community,” she said, adding that she would also join the parade scheduled for Sunday July 24, 2022 at 1 p.m.

The first rain delay of the day blew halfway through the chalk art event. Attendees rushed into the pavilion for shelter and found fun things to do. Families chatted, kids and adults had their faces painted, and kids picked out a free book provided by Rotary. Once the storm passed, the fun began again outside.

The children and their parents brought buckets and containers with turtles and frogs to the city park for the races. There were only two frog race contenders, but a few dozen had turtles of all sizes to enter.

Eden Edwards.jpg
Eden Edwards, 6, placed first in a turtle race at the water carnival in Detroit Lakes on Sunday July 10. She is the daughter of Jessica and Nick Edwards and lives in Centennial, Colorado. The family was in town to visit their grandparents, Howard and Nancy Olson of Detroit Lakes.

Barbie Porter/Detroit Lakes Tribune

Eden Edwards, 6, had found her painted turtle while visiting her grandparents Howard and Nancy Olson of Detroit Lakes. The Colorado granddaughter took first place with her speedy turtle, which she named Peaches.

A family picnic was served while a magic show entertained families inside the pavilion. To the delight of many, the magician called on helpers from the crowd. Karis Schoeneck was one of many people to join the show. The 7-year-old from Eden Prairie, Minnesota was tasked with pulling a rope through the magician.

“I wasn’t nervous,” she said as she and the other volunteer pulled the rope and she passed through it. “I thought it would work, but I didn’t expect her underwear to be taken off.”

Karis Schoeneck.jpg
Karis Schoeneck, 7, volunteered during the magic show and helped pull the rope, walked through the magician and pulled off his shorts in the process. Schoeneck is the daughter of Matt and Bethany Schoeneck and was visiting her great-grandparents Ted and Ellen Hatlen and Judy and Jim Schoeneck, both of Detroit Lakes.

Barbie Porter/Detroit Lakes Tribune

The sand excavation was also a success. Defined age groups entered the bunker. All the children left with treats and toys, but Ella Lauinger received a special gift. Viva and Aaron’s 5-year-old daughter from Detroit Lakes saw a toy on the ground. She went, but she got caught in the hands of Hattie Okeson.

The 7-year-old daughter of Chad and Holly Okeson of Detroit Lakes handed the toy to Lauinger, smiled and began searching for another treat.

Ella Lauinger, 5, went to get a toy while digging sand, but Hattie Okeson, 7, got there first. Okeson then gave the toy to Lauinger.

Barbie Porter/Detroit Lakes Tribune

When the event was over, Lauinger was left speechless and smiling at Okeson’s kindness.

Okeson said the decision to donate the toy was easy. “It was the last and I wanted her to have it,” she said.

During the sand dig, lightning flashed in the distance and thunder warned of another incoming thunderstorm. Once again, people took refuge in the Pavilion.

Water Carnival Admiral Kacey Fetzer took the stage with Evangelisto and Miss Northwest Katrina Bugge. Fetzer put dance music on the sound system and royalty taught dance moves to children. Seasoned dancers young and old joined in the impromptu dance party that launched hits like Macarena, the chicken dance, the hokey pokey and more.

During the second rain delay during the Northwest Water Carnival on Sunday, July 10, Events Co-Admiral Kacey Fetzer played music and a dance party began.

Barbie Porter/Detroit Lakes Tribune

When asked how she came up with such an idea so quickly, Fetzer said it was a fun thing she did with her kids.

“Also, there was a dance floor, so I went there,” she said.

The storm lingered, but the fun continued to rock as the Jaycees had leftover shiny neon glasses and balls that they handed out to the kids.

When the rain stopped, the tent for the tie-dye shirts was set up and discussions took place about which events would be postponed.

The Watermelon Feed has been moved to Wednesday, July 13 and will follow the Junior Water Fights at City Park, which begins at 5 p.m. and ends at 6 p.m. The sandcastle contest at the pavilion beach has been moved to Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon with judging at noon. Shipbuilding and inner tube races have been cancelled.

The puppy dip took place and the last event of the day was the water balloon and the egg toss.

Mary Brill participated in the water balloon launch with her husband Ken. Both are from Washington DC, but spend their summers in Detroit Lakes.

Barbie Porter/Detroit Lakes Tribune

Mary and Ken Brill, who summer on Detroit Lake, participated in the water balloon launch. They were all smiling as they walked away, tossing the ball, until it splashed.
“It was fun, let’s do it again next time,” Mary said.

Ken shared that they never miss the fun water carnival events, and both applauded the Jaycees for hosting the 10-day event.

The calendar of events for the coming week can be found at

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