Ranking all board games in Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania is the HD reimagining of the first three Super Monkey Ball titles in a single package. It’s great fun, there are a ton of levels to beat and get frustrated with. As a bonus, there’s a generous assortment of mini-games called Party Games to play in addition to the main game.

You can play these games alone or with up to four people. And of course, it can be pointed out that these are just mini-games that can be burned in a single session. There is depth to each game, however. Each even has different levels, rule sets, and difficulties. Here’s a list of every game available in order of fun factor.

All Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Party Games Ranked

1. Monkey Billiards


Cue the “Let’s play 8-ball” meme. Billiards makes so much sense when it comes to Super Monkey Ball. Even less, it’s the best game on the list. You can play with four different sets of rules, ranging from US Nine-Ball, Japan Nine-Ball, Rotation or Eight-Ball. It might be kind of a standard game, but it’s been kept as pure as the type of game where you can just partake in a quick 8-ball game.

2. Monkey Shot


Man, it’s such a throwback to those arcade days. Monkey Shot is an arcade style rail shooter. Think of these games like the Jurassic Park arcade games. You film things that appear on the screen. Periodically, boosters appear as additional ammo or weapon upgrades. If you make it to the end, you will face the boss. There are three levels in there, but it’s a lot of fun. It’s definitely one of the best games of the bunch.

3. Monkey fight

It’s a four-way Rock’em Sock’em explosion! Monkey Fight is such a fun and insane mini-game where four players compete in a timed match of punching their opponents in an arena from a bird’s eye view. Hitting your enemies and knocking them out of the ring earns you points. The most points at the end wins. Additionally, there are items you can pick up from crates

4. Monkey Golf


The mini golf games are top notch. The trick shots are great and the geometry is so satisfying to land. Monkey Golf has the option of allowing you to play mini golf or normal golf. The fact that you get two for the price of one is awesome. It’s even funnier when you notice your character swinging his club like he’s shooting the ball, just to shoot himself where he’s aiming.

5. Monkey Boat

So this one is an interesting game. Monkey Boat is like a kart racing game, but without the usual acceleration and steering mechanics. Instead, your character rows with two paddles. It’s your way to accelerate and turn. It’s much more intense because your fingers are focused on the left and right bumpers/triggers while making sure you don’t crash into a wall, spin the wrong way, or over-spin.

6. Monkey Bowling


This game is like your conventional type of bowling, except there’s a timing twist. You cannot manually place where you want your ball to go. Instead, the initial direction the bullet will be fired depends on the correct timing. The firing zone will bounce left and right in a conical trajectory. Of course, the closer your ball is in line with the front pin, the safer the shot. However, if you missed your timing, you can correct your shot just before throwing by bending it. It’s not Wii Bowling, but it’ll do.

7. Monkey Football


Well, this game is not Super Mario Strikers, but it will barely suffice. It’s a classic football game where two teams compete against each other. You can opt for a standard match against another team, play in tournament mode or even in penalty shootout mode. There is variety, which is nice.

8. Monkey Tennis


It’s a nice vanilla version of Tennis. Unfortunately, there really isn’t too much Monkey Ball twist in this board game. You can play singles or doubles, customize the game rules and continue. You also have three different types of shots and a bit more ball control to beat your opponents.

9. Monkey Baseball

This Super Monkey Ball adaptation of baseball is actually quite interesting. It would be a bit too much to add a bunch of other bots to take real places on the pitch like basemen and outfielders. Instead, the team on the outfield sets certain obstacles that act in place for the outfielder positions while the batter must try not to let the ball fall into these traps. They must aim for spots where the ball would hit the bleachers, all marked with different routes. Some spots are circuits, others allow you to take one or two bases. Typical baseball rules apply.

10. Monkey Race

This may be one of the few times in Super Monkey Ball where you actually control the character. It’s like the Monkey Ball equivalent of a Mario Kart game, especially with the in-game items. There are 12 different tracks, so there’s some variety. However, it just makes you want to play a kart racing game instead. There are much more exciting games.

11. Monkey fight


Move over Elite Dangerous, Super Monkey Ball will take it from here! But not really, though. Monkey Dogfight is a flying combat mini-game where you can battle three other players. It’s a standard dogfighting game where you can shoot other enemies with normal or ordinance shots. The player with the highest score at the end is declared the winner. A major drawback is also the fact that the flight controls are reversed.

12. Monkey Target

It’s a very unique type of game. It is an interesting game in its concept. Monkey Target literally asks a player to roll down a ramp in a big jump to get lots of air. On takeoff, the player must then hit a series of targets in flight to score as many points as possible. It is something that passes so quickly. It almost feels like a less interesting darts game.

Super Monkey Ball is slated for release on October 5th. It will be on all major platforms like the PS4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, Nintendo Switch and Steam. If you pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition, it will be available from October 1, 2021. Click here to check out additional content for the game, including a review and other guides.

Joseph K. Bennett