Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s hit on Samajwadi party symbol, bombs kept on cycles

Prime Minister Modi has criticized the Samajwadi party for its sympathy towards terrorists.

Hardoi (UP):

Days after a court convicted 49 people over the serial blasts in Ahmedabad, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday he pledged to punish the perpetrators even if they took refuge in “paatal”, and accused the Samajwadi party of being sympathetic to these terrorists.

Addressing a BJP campaign rally in Hardoi in Uttar Pradesh, Prime Minister Modi slammed the Samajwadi party for its sympathy towards terrorists and claimed the previous government led by it had sought to drop charges against several accused of terrorism.

Prime Minister Modi said: “When I was Chief Minister of Gujarat, the serial bombings of Ahmedabad took place. I can never forget that day when the land was reddened with the blood of the victims serial explosions. There were uncontrolled tears. I picked up the blood-soaked ground and took a “sankalp” (vow) that my government will follow these terrorists, even from “paataal” (lower world), and punish them . »

“I have been silent for so many years because the hearing on the Ahmedabad blasts case was still going on. Today, as the court handed down their sentence, I raise the matter before the country,” he told the rally.

On February 18, a special court in Ahmedabad sentenced 38 members of the Indian Mujahideen terrorist group to death in the 2008 serial explosions case. The court also sentenced 11 others to life imprisonment.

“Those who wanted to destroy us – the Indians – were punished by justice… You all know that when there is a terrorist attack and terrorism increases, the maximum loss is borne by the poor and the middle class. .Ordinary people’s lives, commerce and tourism are affected as a result of a terrorist attack,” he said.

“Today I refer to this, because some political parties have become nice to terrorists. The explosions were made in two ways. The first was made in the city at 50-60 places, then after two hours , an explosion took place in a vehicle at a hospital as relatives, officials and leaders would be traveling there. A number of people also died there,” he said and added that it was perhaps the first time that explosions took place in hospitals.

Mocking the Samajwadi party and its ‘bicycle’ electoral symbol, Prime Minister Modi said: “…during the initial explosions the bombs were kept in cycles…I wonder why they (the terrorists) opted for cycles”.

Prime Minister says when Samajwadi party came to power in Uttar Pradesh, his government tried to drop charges against Shamim Ahmed who was accused of bombings at Sankat Mochan temple and Cantt railway station in Varanasi in 2006.

“In 2007, explosions took place in the courthouses of Ayodhya and Lucknow. In 2013, the Samajwadi government dropped the case against Tariq Kazmi. But the court did not allow the Samajwadi government conspiracy to work and he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Modi said.

“In 14 cases involving terrorist attacks in UP, the Samajwadi government ordered the withdrawal of charges against many terrorists. These people were carrying out explosions, and the Samajwadi government did not allow these terrorists to be prosecuted,” did he declare.

He called the withdrawal of cases against terrorists a “gift in return”.

The Prime Minister urged the media to present to the nation the facts and the judgment handed down by the court in the case of the explosions.

“This truth must come before the country and the media must also contribute to the security of the country,” he said.

Accusing some political parties of being soft on terrorists, Prime Minister Modi said, “Some political parties have been soft on terrorists. These political parties have been soft on terrorism because of the vote bank consideration. It is very dangerous for the security of the country. Therefore, every citizen must know about it.”

Further escalating his attack, Prime Minister Modi said: “Some days they will insult the Indian army, while other days they will insult the police. On the other hand, our government has created the National Memorial of the war and the National Police Memorial. We give respect to every martyr.” Prime Minister Modi said people here had seen how the Samajwadi party, when in government, gave carte blanche to those who used “katta” (domestically made guns) and its cadres.

“The people of Hardoi saw those days when these people gave free rein to those who used ‘katta’ and those who used ‘satta’ (power),” he said.

Sharpening his attack, Prime Minister Modi said: “The attitude of the leaders of the Samajwadi Party and the Congress is more dangerous. These people call a terrorist like Osama (bin Laden) with ji (honorary). These people shed tears on the deaths of terrorists involved in the Batla House Meeting… We must remain alert to such people and such political parties.They may even put the country on the line for the presidency.They also gamble with the security of the country .

The prime minister has also targeted rival parties over the appeasement policy.

“Those who used to stop our festivals due to their appeasement policy, they will get a response from the people of Uttar Pradesh on March 10,” he said.

The results of the seven-phase assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh will be announced on March 10.

Joseph K. Bennett