Platinum Jubilee: Royal-themed board games to entertain the kids over the bank holiday weekend

Teesside is gearing up for the extra long weekend to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Hundreds of people across the region are set to take to the streets, Thursday through Sunday, to join in the celebrations, with hundreds of Teessiders hosting their own street parties.

One thing not to miss when it comes to street parties is lots of fun activities and games to keep the kids entertained. We’ve put together a list of some of the best royal-themed party games to keep kids busy throughout the Jubilee celebrations, from three-legged races to bingo with a royal twist.

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Royal Bingo – Jubilee Edition

Think of your standard version of Bingo… but without the numbers. Instead of keeping it simple, why not change the numbers to people, icons and items related to the queen. For example, the game could include crown, corgi and flag icons or even images of the royal family.

You can find different versions of bingo royal on Amazon.

Races – from the egg and the three-legged spoon

An egg and spoon race at the Cleveland Center

Egg and spoon races are a staple of British street parties, which is why they don’t just belong at Easter. Be sure to plan ahead and cook some eggs before the race, then on the day the little ones can paint on the eggs any way they want in connection with the Jubilee.

You can also do three-leg races or sack races, which are another easy way to have a little competitive fun. It’s also great because it’s a good game for adults – a few of these games and you’ll feel like you’re back in school playing sports!

Pin the diamond to the crown

You may have heard of pinning the tail on the donkey…but have you ever heard of pinning the diamond on the crown? This regal take on the party classic is a fun (and extremely easy) way to entertain the kids.

Simply print out a picture of a crown and some small diamonds for play if you prefer to do it yourself, and if not there are plenty of kits online.

Have the kids line up and before they try to pin the diamond to the crown, make sure they are blindfolded and rotated a few times to make the game a bit more challenging.

royal charades

This one is extremely simple and can be done without the need for evening equipment. Just play something related to the Royal Family or the Jubilee. For example, you can play a speech, a swan, a princess or even a bow.

Arts and crafts – from wreaths to streamers

A community party in Saltburn
A community party in Saltburn

There are many ways to do arts and crafts at a street party, from kids making and coloring their own banner to designing their own cardboard crowns. This can be done by simply printing out some materials online, or even going to a local store where there are likely plenty of crafting kits.

If all else fails, a simple pad of paper and multicolored pens will keep the kids busy. You can also set up a small make-up booth, especially if you have someone who likes to draw Union Jacks all day.

Jubilee Quiz

There are a number of royal-themed quizzes on the internet, and Amazon has even started selling Jubilee quiz card sets, with a pack costing just £7.99. The quiz could have different categories relating to the Royals, from events in a timeline to fun facts about the Queen.

If you’re looking for ideas to entertain the kids in the days leading up to the street party, you can even create your own version of a quiz.

Pastry shop

You could make a Victoria Sponge, or even little Union Jack cupcakes
You could make a Victoria Sponge, or even little Union Jack cupcakes

This one needs a little more planning. If you’re having a street party, the kids can bring in some of their own baked goods they’ve made the days before – after all, there’s a four-day weekend to keep them busy.

Think Union Jack cupcakes and Victoria sponges. Plus, you can even take a taste test blindfolded where the winner is chosen.

Not only will this keep the kids excited and busy during the day, but it will add to the food platter you will inevitably have on the day.

Be quick – time is running out!

It must be said that time is running out to get Jubilee supplies, you may find that many of the party packs on our list are already sold out. Luckily, in most of these games, you can craft it yourself without buying anything online.

Board games are a big part of the Jubilee Street Party, and if you want to know more about having a successful street party, head here. (add link)


Joseph K. Bennett