Party facing criticism over corruption, Tejashwi Yadav publishes code of conduct for RJD ministers

Under opposition BJP criticismand as part of an effort to change the perception of his party, Bihar Deputy Chief Minister and top RJD leader Tejashwi Prasad Yadav on Saturday laid out a six-point code of conduct for government ministers. Party state.

Besides Tejashwi, the RJD has 16 ministers in the Nitish Kumar government.

Tejashwi asked the ministers not to purchase any new vehicle for personal use out of the expense of their respective departments and also urged them to prevent party workers, sympathizers and supporters older than them from touching their feet. On the contrary, he said, ministers should encourage the culture of saying “namaste and aadaab”.

The RJD leader asked his party ministerial colleagues to be courteous to visitors and to meet all people, “regardless of caste and religion”, as well as help the poor and needy. He urged them to discourage the culture of giving and receiving bouquets and replace them with gifts such as pens or books.

As RJD faces the heat of ongoing criminal cases against several of his ministers, Tejashwi urged them to be honest, “transparent, prompt and expeditious in carrying out the work of their departments under the guidance of the CM”. As a sixth guideline, the Deputy CM advised ministers to promote the work of their departments on social media to get public feedback on them.

An RJD leader said: ‘The immediate reason for these instructions to his ministers is the need to stay clear of unnecessary controversy. Tejashwi also wants an overhaul of RJD’s image, which often faces allegations of “jungle raj” and poor work culture. Tejashwi may be using this time as deputy CM to prepare for a bigger role (in state politics).

Reacting to the code of conduct issued to RJD ministers, BJP’s OBC Morcha National Spokesperson Nikhil Anand said, “Tejashwi’s words are very deep and idealistic, but we doubt they can ever be implemented by ministers who are hardly exposed to the culture of good. work.”

Sushil Modi asks RJD minister to apologize for corruption allegations

Former Bihar CM MP and Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Kumar Modi on Saturday demanded an apology from RJD’s Mines and Geology Minister Ramanand Yadav for alleging that he and his family had “hoarded property illegally”, and threatened to file a libel suit unless Yadav apologized within a week.

Modi challenged Yadav to prove his claim that the two properties – Khaitan Market and Lofipur Mall, both in Patna – belong to him or a member of his family. “If they are able to prove it, I will donate the property to Lalu Prasad’s family,” the BJP leader said.

“RJD leaders should know that Khaitan market was built in 1995 and I became minister 10 years later,” he said. Modi added that all the allegations he had made against Lalu in the past had been proven as the RJD leader was convicted in five fodder scam cases. Sushil Modi was one of five PIL petitioners on the fodder scam cases.

Joseph K. Bennett