Parks and Recreation and Ted Lasso Board Games Now Available

A pair of board games based on popular comedy TV series are now available. Earlier this week, Funko Games released the Parks and Recreation Party Game and Ted Lasso party game. The Parks and Recreation Party Game tasks players with completing one of Pawnee’s parks and recreation projects, as seen on the TV shows. Players will need to recruit offers and find help in order to complete the project before the beloved Li’l Sebastian finishes eating and triggers the end of the game. Ted Lasso board game is a cooperative game in which players work together to help Ted Lasso and the AFC Richmond coaching staff inspire their players to overcome their problems. The Ted Lasso board game also comes with an optional timer app with themed sound effects to enhance games. Both games have retail prices of $19.99.

While Funko is most commonly associated with its block-headed characters, the company also has a growing tabletop business that produces a variety of licensed games. Some Funko games include Funko POP! figurines, other games are original games themed around a variety of popular TV shows, movies, and even Disney theme park rides. Other recently released games from Funko include an Alfred Hitchcock adaptation rear window, a game inspired by The Rocket called The Rocketeer: the destiny of the future, and a game based on the hit 1990s film A very goofy movie.

Although the third season of Ted Lasso is meant to be the last in the series, it’s possible the series will continue in one way or another. Speaking to, Ted Lasso co-creator Brendan Hunt says more Ted Lasso is possible. “Yes. Another arc is possible after that, of course,” Hunt said. We always saw it as a sort of three-stroke thing. Originally, these three times would rather be modeled on what [the British] Office done, you know, six [episodes], a special, boom, we’re done. We’ve definitely expanded those beats, but that doesn’t mean the whole kit and caboodle gets thrown away.”

Joseph K. Bennett