One of the best board games of recent years is now available for free

If you’ve never played it before, we can’t recommend it highly enough.

Originally posted in August 2020 just as everyone was very stuck inside and looking for anything – ANYTHING! – as a distraction, fall guys was an immediate success.

You control a jelly bean-shaped character who races to the finish line, through a Takeshi’s Castle-like arena filled with tricks and traps designed to slow you down or send you into oblivion waiting for you below.

Up to 64 players can play together in a single online arena, with more and more Fall Guys being eliminated each round, until you reach the final round, with the winner named Last Man Standing.

You can either play with strangers or ask your game buddies to connect and play with you.

With each round you win, you receive more in-game currency, which lets you buy funky costume changes and emotes to use. And this week, the game is now free!

The game’s developers had this to say about the free launch: “New rounds, new costumes, a sparkling new Season Pass, availability on Nintendo Switch and Xbox, and shiny new releases for PlayStation 5 and the Epic Games Store!”

Right off the bat, new players will have access to 50 levels to play, with the latest additions as part of the game’s latest update.

Fall Guys is available to play for free right now on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC.

Music video through Xbox

Joseph K. Bennett