Nintendo Switch now has over 6,700 third-party games

Shin Megami Tensei V is another great third-party game on the way soon

The Switch has a lot of games, and we’d definitely say a lot of very well the games are in the system’s vast library, waiting to be discovered. There are plenty of bad games and silly apps out there, sure, but there’s plenty of fantastic variety nonetheless for those looking for the best options.

Along with decent support in the retail space, a big part of the third-party scene on Switch is the eShop. Nintendo’s download store has never been bigger, which Nintendo pointed out in its financial reports – it’s given the eye-catching update that there’s now more 6700 third-party games on the system.

This includes over 1100 additions in the last six months alone, and perhaps important for the future of third-party support on Nintendo hardware, these games provide a decent percentage (over half) of overall Switch game sales. This will have a wide range, of course, of major multimillion-selling titles like Rise of the Monster Hunter down to small downloadable games only.

Thanks to the digital age, this is the most third-party games Nintendo has ever had on one of its systems.

That’s a staggering number, and even taking into account the sheer number of shoddy titles that can no doubt be found on the eShop, after four and a half years, we feel the Switch library has a wide range high quality securities from third parties.

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Joseph K. Bennett