New Year’s Eve Party Games 2021: 5 Fun Ways to Entertain and Engage Your Guests at Your NYE House Party

It’s December 31! Let’s say goodbye to 2021 and start planning the New Year parties. Let’s start again in 2022 with positive vibes. With Christmas, people begin to get into the holiday and holiday mood. Getting in the mood, they are planning Christmas and New Years parties. Most parties are just food and dancing, but you can still make your party fun and interesting by adding games to engage and entertain your guests. At LatestLY, we’ve rounded up some game ideas you can plan and play with your guests at the next New Year’s Eve party you’re throwing. Online events, fun games, countdown and more, 7 ways to ring in 2021 while staying at home

Loaded questions

Loaded Questions is a fun New Year game for couples. In this game there are questions about your partner that you write on paper. The object of the game is to find out what your partner thinks of you. It contains questions such as “how would you like your partner to dress at the Halloween party” or “what is your partner’s best look”.

new year resolution

With the start of a new year, many people make certain New Year’s resolutions. It’s time to get them to announce their resolutions and enjoy other people’s reactions to them.

Shoveling Snow – Cotton Ball Game

Place a dab of Vaseline on the tip of the player’s nose. Put a bowl and a pile of cotton balls scattered next to it. In one minute, the player has as many cotton balls as he can through his nose tips and puts them into the bowl without using his hands. Whoever has the most cotton balls in the bowl wins the game.

banana bump

Place a hoop in the center of the room. Tie a string around the waist of the player and tie a banana on the other side of the string at a distance of one foot. Without using the hands, the player must slide the orange with the banana inside the hoop placed in the center. The first person to get the orange to the hoop is the winner.

New Year’s pun

Have your guests write as many words as possible from the Happy New Year alphabets. Whoever has the maximum number of words wins the games.

Make your guests forget their worries and relax with these fun games at your next New Year’s Eve party. Happy New Year 2022 everyone!

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