New Topeka Organization Hosts First Fundraising Event

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – A new Topeka organization whose goal is to help the community of Montara, hosted its first fundraising event on Sunday.

Be Filled of South Topeka hosted a cook in Chile to kick off their fundraising efforts.

13 Jarod Broyles even filled in as a last minute judge.

Matt Narsh’s Chili won the first place title at the organization’s first annual cook.

“I mean I made my chili for several years and the family said it was pretty good,” Narsh said. I always thought they were just nice to me, but apparently the judges like it and I’m pretty happy with it.

Be Filled of South Topeka is a new organization focused on providing services to the Montara district.

“To donate food, clothing, toiletries, household items and the donations we receive, we will give to the people of Montara,” said Nell Ritchey.

The organization hopes to open its doors as early as next month.

“We hope to start on February 1, we still need a lot of help,” Ritchey said. “We have received a lot of donations today and we have already received donations of clothing and we need donations of food, financial support, but as soon as we are settled we will be operating at full capacity.”

Nell Ritchey says a good resource for the Montara neighborhood is long overdue.

“There is nothing here in Montara, apart from accommodation, no grocery store, no gas station, no public transport, there is nothing here, so the people who live here really need help and we just want to provide that to them. “

If you would like to learn more or donate to Be Filled Topeka, you can contact Nell Ritchey (785) 861-0766.

Be Filled of South Topeka will be located at 200 Airport Road. Building 818 S1.

Ritchey says the organization hopes to open its doors by February 1.

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