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Date with Debs

Bonhomie of singles

Many within the deb ensemble are familiar with the annual debutante Thanksgiving season presentation given by the Bachelors’ Club. But, and months earlier, the club is throwing a summer party to honor them and get to know each other. Such an event took place recently at a private club on Avenue Saint-Charles when 4 to 6 p.m. was the time slot and “summer cocktail attire” was the dress.

The beautiful gold-edged invitation, with gold and dove-grey script, featured the coat of arms of the young men’s organization. One quadrant featured a fleur-de-lis, another a goblet. Foremost was a sleeping Cupid with his bow and arrow beside him, who, as one member put it, “wasn’t doing his job.” In mythology, the little Roman god shoots his arrow to make the recipient fall in love and, presumably, find a mate, usually to marry.

We remind you that this is a club for singles, single men. Once married, they retain fond memories of their time at the club, but are now more of an active part of it.

In the footsteps of his older brother, Ed Ellinghausen in 2018, Ryan Ellinghausen replies to the president. Among his many club cohorts circulating at the recent reception were Taylor Anderson, John Mouton and Blake Esquire. They chatted informally with newbies Kristina Bickham, Kerrie Finegan, Isis Greer, Mary Katherine Luetkemeier, Lily Moise, Caitlyn Redfearn, Jennifer “Jenny” Stauss, Lane Whitsell and Cecelia “Cece” Zimmerman among others. Most of the young women were joined by their parents. two beginners, Bailey Joan Davis and Abigail “Abby” Montgomery Huffthave brothers who are members of the Bachelors’ Club, Hampton Davis and Parker Huft.

Beautifying the party premises were white hydrangeas in clear glass vases. Chief Nolan Corey was tapped to host the event and provided delicious deviled eggs, grilled shrimp on skewers, crab cakes, fried oysters and muffulettas.

Towards the middle of the evening, words of welcome were pronounced by President Ellinghausen, who will gather his social forces in a few months for the elegant presentation of the debutante.

Baby, that’s cool!

Mr. and Mrs. Michel Olivier Otis Provosty Jr. requested the pleasure of their company at the Southern Yacht Club for “cocktails and buffet followed by a dance party” in honor of their daughter, Provost of Eleanor Kehoe.

Beginning at 6 p.m. and for two hours, libations and dinner dishes were served in the club’s large dining room. For the dance floor, which lasted until 11 p.m., the venue was the Winter Wonderland tent on the lawn. Ashley Elizabeth Weddings+Events planned the party. (On a personal note, Ashleigh, whose married last name is Rougelotwas eight months pregnant for the party and, according to the hostess Catherine “Cathy” Provost, “did an amazing job. ”) Firefly Ambiance and See-Hear Productions did the decor.

The invitation by Caitlin Gossen at Hark Creative Co. in Lafayette featured winner Eleanor’s signature snowflake monogram, which had a visual replay throughout the party and on the dance floor.

Two levels of the yacht club featured food. Upstairs, Beef Wellington featured as a special dish, as did, among others, crabcakes, blood sausage dumplings and shrimp and tasso pasta. A 5-foot fleur-de-lis ice sculpture was the focal point on the buffet table. A magnificent display of sushi along with po-boy sandwiches and chicken tenders sated the collective appetite which had a complement of quaff in frozen Bushwackers and Planter’s Punch, the specialty drinks. For dessert, Gambino’s was in the spotlight with chocolate and lemon doberges, turtles, rum balls, éclairs and macaroons. Yum!

An abundance of “looks” captured all eyes. First up was deb Eleanor in a draped Maje silk lamé dress, and mom Catharine “Cathy” in a white beaded Mac Duggal fashion.

To set the wintry scene, an 11-foot Christmas tree twinkling with twinkling lights and lit with blue rays stood at the entrance to the yacht club. Once inside the tent, the crowd was amazed. Thousands of white lights covered the ceiling of the tent, which was draped in silver tulle to give the illusion of a starry night.

Other facets were bluer lighting to create a winter wonderland; a round white bar behind the lounge seats that had a stunning centerpiece of wintery branches, hanging clear bulbs and faux snow at the base; mirrored pub tables; and tables adorned with crystal candelabras and candles. A “360” photo booth, as well as a fixed one with a personalized backdrop and a red sled, attracted the pack throughout the evening.

Reveling in this cool explosion were deb brother mike provosty and grandmother Provost of Deirdre Burkeas well as family members Sheela and David Plater, the Bryans and the Christopher Platers, Sean and Ann Burke, Kay Burke and escort Stephen Murray, Emily Kazmierzak, Shannon Fritts, Deirdre Provosty Jasmine and Jacqueline Provosty-Guillot. The husbands joined them.

party too Mary and Michael Whealdon, Eileen and Parker Stewart, Helen and Charlie Eshleman, Kelly and Bill Ellis with Kate, Machelle and John Payne with Grace, Lee and Paul McKee with Kathleen Hixon, Dede and Charles Redfearn with Caitlyn, Dana and Charles Freeman with Emma Freeman, Darnelle and Randy Philipson with Eugenie, Lauren and Hunter McFadden with Emma, ​​Elizabeth and John Schwing, Holly and John Nieset with Eliza, Laura and Ed Moise with Lily, Paige and Chep Morrison with Claire, Suzy and Patrick Hufft with Abby, Liz and Dave Whitsell with Lane, Lisette and John Overbyand Kathleen and Kearny Robert. Many of the guests were from out of town, including Crescent City natives Brent and Louise Post Videau. Like a number of them, they enjoyed late-night cheeseburger sliders before leaving with their celebratory gifts, keepsake tree ornaments.

All attention was riveted on the 24-foot stage as the pace of the party picked up. Behind, there was a slew of Christmas trees adorned with small lights. During the band’s break, Eleanor and her friends took the spotlight to sing. Other, Peyton Falgust and Krewe rocked the rejoicings that made Winter Wonderland a special storyline to feature a beaming winner.

Joseph K. Bennett