Metro Atlanta Man’s 100th Birthday Party Includes Theater Organ Concert

A big birthday party is getting ready this Saturday and you are invited! But don’t worry about bringing a gift; all attendees will receive the gift of hearing one of the country’s finest theater organists in concert.

This Saturday, the Atlanta Chapter of the American Theater Organ Society will host a 100th birthday celebration for member Jack Sandow at Stephenson High School in Stone Mountain. Why high school? Simple: In the 1990s, Mr. Sandow helped convince the DeKalb County Superintendent of Schools to add space for a theater organ into the design plans for Stephenson High School. The designers did, and the chapter ended up installing the magnificent 1927 Great Page Theater pipe organ there, the only one of its kind installed in a Georgia high school.

To celebrate Sandow’s milestone birthday (who was actually back in January, but the celebration was delayed due to the pandemic) and to honor his work in finding a home for the spectacular instrument, the chapter from Atlanta of the American Theater Organ Society brings in renowned organist Ron Rhode for a special concert on Saturday. Rhode currently resides in Arizona but is flying specifically for the event.

So, ready to eat a birthday cake and hear one of the country’s top organists showcase his talents on the Big Page? The celebration takes place Saturday, June 11 at 3 p.m. at Stephenson High School, located at 701 Stephenson Road in Stone Mountain. Admission is free and organizers say all ages are welcome.

Joseph K. Bennett