Merella Shares Details of Her Birthday Party: “In a Swing House”

Singer MC Mirella turns 24 on June 8 and is hosting a birthday party for friends and family at a swing house. She has previously said that seeing guests explore their creativity was “very exciting” and not giving up receiving gifts.

Through stories, on Instagram, ex »closed 12″ (RecordTV) shared with their fans that the event will feature a “family” space and a popular exclusive small room for intimate moments for guests.

24 years old and Bad Mi can’t stand it. I’m throwing the party in a swing, do you have an idea? It will be in a hammock, but there will be no Potary, only in the secret room because there will be bride and groom and family members, you know?
MC Merella

Even Funkeira said the party theme was specific. ‘It’ll just be Pimp’n Ho. The women go there like whores and the men like pimps. I swear! Put Pimp’Ho on’ The Google. That’s it ! It’s the twenty-first century. It’s going to be perfect and I’m so excited. “

Guys, what to use creativity in clothes. If I was a stripper at a party, I would wear a bra, and a very “felted” little t-shirt over my head, with a nice little panty shown with shorts or a very flattering dress, but with a giant slit that showed panties and sexy high heels. Men can go with a floral half-open blouse here [apontando para o peito], tie, tuxedo, a little more than “sensual”. It is the use of creativity.
MC Merella

Mirella ended her statement by warning her friends that she does not give up on receiving gifts. “Who is my friend and knows he will be called, prepare his head so he can choose the appearance and I want a gift. I don’t want to know.

during the weekend, MC Mirella was involved in an argument with DJ Deolane Bezerra and her sister Because of her ex-husband, Dinho Alves. Funkeira said she turned away from the Bezerra sisters to see them with the dancer after days of speaking out about the breakup process.

Joseph K. Bennett