McDonald’s Birthday Party Celebrants Receive Surprise Treats From Chairman & CEO – Manila Bulletin

President and CEO of McDonald’s Philippines, Kenneth S. Yang surprised some McDonald’s Party celebrants with an exclusive gift and special treat for their guests.

As the country is on the road to economic recovery from the unprecedented effects of the pandemic, mobility restrictions are easing and businesses have started to reopen. McDonald’s Philippines is also back in full swing, with the doors of its party room reopening so families and friends can once again celebrate together at McDonald’s. After two years of offering an alternative McDo Party Box for Filipinos celebrating from the safety of their homes, customers can once again book a McDo Party to celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries or any other milestone.

McDonald’s Philippines President and CEO Kenneth S. Yang and Ronald McDonald House Ambassador Cindy Y. Yang have visited birthday parties over the past few weekends, bringing exclusive gifts for celebrants and special treats for their guests.

“We are very happy to have friends and families back in our stores to celebrate, after two years of not being able to physically reunite,” Yang shares.

McDonald’s Philippines President and CEO Kenneth S. Yang and Ronald McDonald House Ambassador Cindy Y. Yang presented special treats to celebrants and guests.

McDonald’s Philippines President and CEO Kenneth S. Yang, accompanied by Ronald McDonald House Charities Ambassador Cindy Y. Yang, assured guests that their celebrations would remain fun, exciting and M Safe.

Despite adjustments such as the absence of physical contact games and the blowing of candles during the cake ceremony, McDonald’s evenings are still a moment of well-being for the whole family, with the decorated party room, a program event hosted by Guest Experience Managers, exciting prizes and giveaways, and of course, a menu of McDonald’s favourites.

In the same way that McDonald’s Philippines was quick to act and reach out to its customers at the start of the pandemic, the company is now giving Filipinos the same assurance that the return of the McDonald’s Party will not take away from them. importance of being M Safe. With the McDonald’s store team following strict health and safety protocols, the company continues to demonstrate its commitment to safety not only for its customers, but for all of its employees.

McDonald’s birthday party celebrants over the past few weekends were surprised by the President and CEO of McDonald’s PH to personally welcome them to McDonald’s.

“We run every McDo Party a little differently now – like customers have to wear our face masks except when eating, vaccination is mandatory for 18 year olds and we encourage frequent hand sanitizing to make sure everyone is safe. Mr Safe. Clients can be assured that our team and managers do the same. They are required to wear face masks, sanitize their hands every 30 minutes and they are fully vaccinated. At McDonald’s, we believe safety starts with us so you can feel good and safe at all times,” Yang added.

Now that the McDo Party is back, celebrate more than just a birthday; celebrate family, friends and moments of well-being and safety at McDonald’s! Book your next McDo Party celebration by visiting a McDonald’s store near you or find out more about it at



Joseph K. Bennett