Lovely Reaction From Adopted Boy From Sierra Leone At First Birthday Party

His answer is so raw and genuine…

A young boy hugs his adoptive father/Instagram screenshot/@pubity

Adoption is a real gift.

But what about these older children, are they the forgotten ones? As in the movie “Instant Family”, we need to recognize older children who are part of the social services system.

And this demonstration of emotion and unfiltered love is a true example.

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A video showing a young man from Sierra Leone celebrating his first big birthday with his adoptive family left us emotional.

The grief in Sierra Leone due to political activities and corruption has been witnessed by the rest of the world for many years.

It is therefore with great joy that we can see the positive impact that the love of family can have on a child without his family. And to think that we take simple things like birthdays in our own families for granted.

And for this young boy, it’s not just a birthday party that celebrates him. It’s so much more than that. It is a symbol of unconditional love, acceptance, pride and joy.

His reaction is also extremely heartwarming and shows that no matter what he’s been through, his ability to love and accept love is still there.

That’s a success in itself, considering that many children who fall into the system close themselves off to love as a form of protection.


WATCH the video below, courtesy of instagram.

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Image reproduced with the kind permission of instagram

Joseph K. Bennett