local sorority celebrates 60 years with community event

Delta Sigma Theta sorority celebrates its 60th anniversary with an eventful weekend, including its all-white “Deltas in White” celebration, to be held in Hodgetown on April 30 at 8 p.m.

The African-American Civil Service Sorority’s Amarillo Charter was officially established on April 29, 1962, but it had been working to become a chapter since 1954.

The World Sisterhood was founded in January 1913 at Howard University.

Today, the Amarillo Charter has a total of 29 active members who work to improve the community according to their five points of service: economic development, physical and mental health, educational development, political awareness and involvement, and international awareness and involvement.

“We are more than a social organization. We work to improve the community in any way we can, and there are so many things that we care about in this community,” said Vanessa Miles, Founders Day Committee Chair for Delta Sigma Theta.

Allison Roberts, Amarillo Charter President and third-generation charter member, spoke about her family’s involvement with Delta Sigma Theta and her lifelong emphasis on community service.

“My grandmother was a founding member and my mother was a member, so this anniversary is really important to my family. Throughout my life, my parents and grandparents have insisted on giving back to the community. You can’t just live here; you have to do a favor to make Amarillo a better place for all of us. So this weekend will mean a lot to me personally in so many ways,” Roberts said.

According to the founding president, the organization will organize a weekend full of events to celebrate the anniversary, starting on April 29. The Deltas will host a further private dedication and reception, followed by chapter members participating in community service. The Deltas will also participate in a private worship service and lunch on May Day to end the landmark celebrations.

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On Saturday, April 30, the Deltas will host their guest, all-white, ticketed community event called “Delts en Blanc,” which will be held in Hodgetown beginning at 8 p.m.

“Sorority is about scholarship and service, but it’s also about brotherhood. And we really thrive on being together and having these relationships, so we thought this would be a great way to celebrate this. milestone,” Roberts said.

The event encourages attendees to dress in white and will include a photo booth, buffet, music and dancing.

Tickets can be purchased online for $25 or at the door for $30. Pre-sold tickets are available for purchase online at https://www.dstamarillo.org/60ans

Joseph K. Bennett