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By Brian RhodesiBerkshires Staff

Adams, Mass. — Preliminary work on the Greylock Glen Outdoor Center site has begun, and city officials hope to hold an official groundbreaking ceremony later this month.

City Administrator Jay Green said work on trees and utilities has already begun at the site, with physical work expected over the next two weeks. He said contractors, engineers and city staff hold frequent meetings to discuss the project.

“There is a lot of work going on. If people are driving there they can see it. Please stay away from the construction site for safety reasons, but the work is going on and we hope to stay on. on track for a fall ’23 opening,” he said.

Green said the city should also be ready to submit requests for proposals to operate the outdoor center’s cafe and campground by the end of the month. He said the official inauguration should also take place towards the end of August and had hoped there would be a time when Governor Charlie Baker and US Representative Richard Neal could attend.

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t line up their two days, so we’ll probably choose a date in the last week of August for the ribbon-cutting ceremony,” he said. “We’re going to do a few invites and see if we can get people to show up, but we thought it was important to be celebrated for an hour, between us, that we’re finally building.”

The city is the developer of the 54-acre valley, part of the Mount Greylock State Preserve, and the state has committed $7.3 million to building the outdoor center.

“It’s important for people who use the Glen footpaths, especially the gravel path, to be aware that there are periodic disruptions as work on the site begins to encroach slightly into that area,” Green said. “It’s not always closed. However, there are basically supervisors, construction supervisors who work in this area to alert walkers that there is work going on.”

In other cases, the Board of Selectmen again heard of property issues at the corner of Summer and Hoosac streets.

The concerns were voiced by resident Lisa Mendel there are several meetings. She disputed the number of unregistered cars and the condition of the property, which she said had been in poor condition for some time.

Owners Lisa and Francis Biros said the issue had arisen in the past and city officials told them that covering unlicensed vehicles would be enough to comply with the bylaw. The bylaw allows an unregistered vehicle, stating that any other unregistered vehicle must not be “in sight” of a public road or abutting property.

Police Chief K. Scott Kelley said he sent an officer to check and found two of the cars were unregistered. Mendel alleged there was a third unregistered vehicle, which the Biros said should soon be removed from the property.

The council read the bylaw, 125-17, aloud to help clarify the situation and debated the meaning of in the view. Coach Joseph Nowak suggested that City Solicitor Edmund St. John III, who was not present, consult the bylaw so the city would have clarity on future incidents.

Green said he felt the wording did not imply that a simple cover was compliant, but understood that the Biros may have been told differently in the past.

“I think Mr. Nowak is right, in the sense that it would be nice for the city attorney to look into it,” he said.

Building Commissioner Gerald Garner said he would handle the situation further, noting it is not an uncommon problem at Adams.

“There are families here who have six vehicles in their driveway, because they have children who have vehicles,” he said. “So there are six vehicles that are registered in their driveway, and then you’ll also see an unregistered vehicle on the property. So that’s not an uncommon thing in the city or anywhere else.”

Coach Howard Rosenberg said he understands Mendel’s complaint about ownership and supports any action Garner feels is necessary to enforce the regulations.

  • Council ratified the hiring of David Shade, a seasonal employee of the Department of Public Works.

  • The council designated Kelley as the authority to assign officers to city polls. A recent change made by the legislature gave this authority to the councils of voters.

  • Council approved a one-day liquor license for the St. John Paul Parish Polka Festival. The event will take place on the polka field on September 11.

  • The board approved a one-day liquor license for the fall race on September 17.

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