Kevin Can F**k Himself S02E04 Review: Patty’s Birthday Party


CMA Kevin can fuck himself shows us a very nervous Allison (Annie Murphy) throw an impromptu surprise birthday party for Patty (Mary Hollis Inboden) with the help of Tammy (Candace Coke) and the lack of help (as usual) from Kevin (Eric Peterson). Warning, potential spoilers are ahead, so feel free to watch the episode and come back if you want so we can dive into this episode together.

Mary Hollis Inboden as Patti O’Connor – Photo Credit: Robert Clark/Stalwart Productions/AMC

Kevin can fuck himself opened the door further to discuss the connection between Allison and Patty, whether it continues to be a deep friendship or something more. This episode further explored Tammy’s relationship with Patty and all of her family and circle. Many points at the birthday party had to go back and forth between Kevin’s sitcom world and the real world kept encroaching on Allison’s sanity. It was impressive to see how not only would the visuals change, but it’s like an invisible weight of Kevin’s presence was lifted, and all the pressures involved came to the surface.

Kevin can fuck himself brought so much emotion to the moments between Allison and Patty on the porch. It was fantastic to see those scenes still used to emphasize how unique their relationship is compared to those they have with others around them. The impact of what Allison wishes to do makes it all complicated as it continues to have a potential impact on leaving. It’s great that some of Allison’s decisions provide insight into her flaws or strengths. She has a lot of love to give with her gifts/acts of service, but she’s not good at holding things in and can end up letting things overflow. This episode increases the tension between almost everyone and deftly opens the door to a potentially devastating conversation between Patty and Tammy.

Kevin Can F**k Himself Season 2 Episode 4

Kevin can fuck himself

Review by Britney Bender


Kevin Can F**k Himself S02E04 AMC’s “Jesus, Allison” escalates the tension between just about everyone and deftly opens the door to a potentially devastating conversation between Patty and Tammy.

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