Kanye West throws a party in Chicago after planting Kim Kardashian

Chicago West’s 4th anniversary was dramatic, to say the least.

After dad Kanye West accused mom Kim Kardashian of not inviting him to the party she threw for their toddler, he crushed her and then threw his own.

“He was always throwing his own party for Chicago. He got it at 4 p.m. at his downtown office [in Los Angeles] than he had planned, so it’s so frustrating that he crashed Kim’s party and created this narrative that he wasn’t invited,” a source close to the former couple told Page Six.

Multiple sources tell us Kardashian, 41, was shocked when Ye, 44, claimed he ‘wasn’t allowed to know where his party was’ in a dramatic video posted to social media – apparently searching for answers on his way to the party.

“Kim went out of her way to invite and include Kanye at every event,” a source told Page Six.
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“I’m posting this because I need your support,” he said at the time. “I called Kim, texted the nannies, phoned Tristan [Thompson], he said he would ask Khloe [Kardashian]. Won’t anyone give me the address of my daughter’s birthday party right now, and it will imprint on her mind that I wasn’t there for her.

According to a source, it was “news for Kim” when Ye went live claiming he didn’t have the information and wasn’t even allowed to go.

“She has never stopped him from seeing his children and does everything possible to give him full access to them,” the source said. “Kim went out of his way to invite and include Kanye at every event. Other than those he didn’t attend.

The source added: “He showed up for North and Saint’s birthday. She made sure the kids got him a gift for Father’s Day, his birthday and Christmas.

Kanye West with Chicago at his 4th birthday party on January 15.
Kanye West with his daughter Chicago at her 4th birthday party on January 15.

Ye finally ended up at Kardashian’s party and later thanked Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner for bringing him in. Our sources don’t know if that was in fact the case, but they maintain that Ye’s plan was always to have his own party in Chicago. . “Kim at 12 p.m. and Kanye at 4 p.m.,” we’re told.

“That was always the plan, that he would have them then. And he took the kids from the noon party to his house,” another family source told us.

Ye hinted that Kardashian’s security prevented her from entering her home with her children because of her boyfriend Pete Davidson’s visit to the house. Sources tell us Kardashian hasn’t introduced Davidson, 28, to their kids, but that hasn’t stopped the rapper from releasing a new song, where he threatens to “beat Pete Davidson’s ass.”

“Even though he threatened Pete in a song [‘My Life Was Never Eazy’] and attacked Kim in the media with lies that only hurt their children and family, she once again took to the high road and allowed him to be with the children [on Saturday] which she does every time no matter how he treats her,” the first source said.

Kanye West, Kris Jenner.
West was seen talking to Kris Jenner at the Chicago birthday party.
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Other insiders are puzzled by Ye’s public call to celebrate children’s birthdays when “Kanye didn’t show up for Chicago’s birthday last year, or Psalm’s last year. “, a family insider told us.

“He also did not send Christmas gifts or show up on Christmas Day,” they added.

Kanye West threw his own party for his daughter Chicago - after crashing Kim Kardashian's family party.
Kanye West threw his own party for his daughter Chicago – after crashing Kim Kardashian’s family party.

The first source tells us that Ye is “angry with Kim” because she creates boundaries and wants more privacy.

“It has nothing to do with co-parenting or the kids, but her feelings of not being able to control her anymore,” they said.

Reps for West and Kardashian have not commented, but we predict the drama won’t end with him crashing Chicago’s birthday.

The rapper’s expected bomb meeting with Jason Lee, CEO of Hollywood Unlocked — where he spills on new pal Julia Fox, Kardashian, and their kids — aired Monday.

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