July 2021 State of Play will focus on Deathloop and third-party games

Sony unveiled a PlayStation State of Play presentation on July 8, 2021. People will be able to watch and experience new PlayStation games, likely for PS4 and PS5, both on Twitch and YouTube.

Sony teased a bit what people can expect from this July 2021 state of play, starting with a confirmation that Death Loop will be there. It’s the Arkane Studios game where people follow an assassin trapped in a time loop. However, another person could also play as an agent trying to stop him from breaking the time loop by killing him. It’s been delayed multiple times, but is heading to PS5 and PC in September 2021. Its portion of the presentation will be around nine minutes long.

The company also confirmed other things that will and won’t be shown during the 30-minute event. There will be other third-party games popping up during this one, though Sony hasn’t noted how many. Some titles from indie developers will also appear. However, people will not see God of the war Where Horizon: West forbidden. This presentation will also not talk about the next PlayStation VR for the PS5.

Sony will host the next PlayStation State of Play on July 8, 2021, with nine of the 30 minutes of video devoted to Death Loop.

Joseph K. Bennett