Joanna Gaines just celebrated her birthday with a rollerblading party at Magnolia Market

HGTV star Joanna Gaines recently celebrated her birthday with a fun roller skating party at Magnolia, the home and lifestyle business she and hubby Chip Gaines started together.

Joanna Gaines celebrates her birthday on rollerblades

“Best giveaway ever,” Joanna Gaines captioned a video from the party. She and her friends strapped on their skates and had fun spinning around the Magnolia store and warehouse.

The home improvement star’s friends and followers quickly filled her comments section with well wishes and love for the roller-skating fun.

“The best boss ever! commented the Magnolia company’s Instagram account. Zoë François, star of the show Magnolia Zoe Bakes, also began by writing, “Happy birthday! Pure joy!”

Fans of the HGTV star also commented on their appreciation for the birthday celebration. One person wrote, “Now we just need to see the blooper reel. Happy birthday!” Another fan commented, “Sounds like a wonderful place to work….”

Joanna Gaines’ love of rollerblading is no secret. She has posted many videos of herself skating at home and loves lacing up her skates and taking off.

“I have an 80s flashback!” she captioned a video of herself skating. “I got a pair of skates for Christmas, and without the goats, the cattle keeper, and the manure, I felt like I was back in the roller rink!”

Joanna Gaines has a lot to celebrate

Joanna Gaines | Rob Kim/Getty Images

Joanna Gaines has a lot to celebrate these days. She and Chip Gaines recently launched Magnolia Network, a television channel that airs personality-based lifestyle shows like Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines and The Retro Plant Shop.

The Retro Plant Shop features Joanna Gaines’ own sister, Mary Kay, aka Mikey, who pursues her dream of opening and running a plant store. The show will follow Mikey as she takes off her boutique of vintage plants and planters.

“About 21 years ago when I was in college I started dreaming of having a little shop,” Mikey captioned a photo from the trailer. “That little desire never went away. But I hid it because I was raising these beautiful babies, and David [her husband] was in medical school/residency. And I knew that was where I needed and wanted to be.

“But a few years ago I started to really dream again,” she continued. “And it was so much fun! And also a bit scary. I thought this would be a cafe that would sell all those fun plants (maybe one day!), but today was my little 1967 Yellowstone Cavelier and it was perfect and just right.

Joanna Gaines welcomes her sister Mikey to Magnolia

Joanna Gaines was there every step of the way, supporting her sister as she started her new business.

“These are the times I live here for…there’s nothing like seeing your little sister’s dream come to life,” she captioned a photo of the couple. “So proud of you my dear Mikey and the great company you have created.”

Joanna Gaines’ birthday celebration was a welcome break for the home improvement star as she continues to develop content for the Magnolia Network.

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