Jackbox Games should consider VR board games

The Jackbox party pack the games have dominated gatherings through their clever use of players’ home devices, with a single player serving as a host for an entire group. As The Jackbox Party Pack the series approximates double digits with a supplement party starter release, it’s amazing how Jackbox Games continues to deliver new games for fans to enjoy. It seems like nothing can stop the momentum this series of behemoths has built up over the years.


While there has been an increase in asymmetrical multiplayer games and the ever-increasing fidelity of virtual reality, hybrid titles between these subgenres are becoming more common. Since early iterations such as Keep talking and nobody blows up to more recent examples like Party at the Takelings house, these games get around the problem of every player needing VR peripherals while incorporating other players into the unique fun. Jackbox Games has a great opportunity to enter the VR board game field and maintain its lead as a go-to board game developer.

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How Asymmetric VR Games Work

The premise behind asymmetric VR games is simple: one player with the VR peripherals takes on what could be considered the “primary” role, while one or more players take on “secondary” roles playing with or against them. Keep talking and nobody blows up is a great example, as it explains exactly how these games work despite their difficulty. A player has access to a time bomb in VR, and by describing its appearance to other players along with a manual on how to defuse it, they can work together to prevent the bomb from exploding.

But Keep talking and nobody blows up is a cooperative title, so Takelings house party is a great example of how a more combative asymmetrical VR game would work with multiple players. Players without a VR headset play as “Takelings”, racing through the game to complete objectives while “Hal”, the player using VR, must exterminate the others. It’s a fun concept that takes advantage of the asymmetry between players with and without VR, but a downside to Takelings house party is that it is currently only a local multiplayer experience. So Jackbox Games’ online multiplayer reputation could capitalize on the idea.

The Jackbox VR Party Pack

Jackbox Games could easily get ahead of the competition if it implemented online gaming early on, allowing players to join games remotely as well so it could cater to an expanding gaming scene. is accustomed to online gaming after pandemic lockdowns or streamers. The challenge he would face is coming up with ideas on how to implement asymmetric VR gameplay in a board game using the same method as others party packs. For example, coming up with a simple phrase or rudimentary drawing for minigames such as fan-favorites “Quiplash” or “Drawful” is easier than the 3D gameplay common in asymmetrical VR games.

Fortunately, this is not a problem without a solution. With the advanced capabilities of app games, a plethora of cross-platform titles have emerged that can be played on PC or console as well as phones, including 3D titles like Fortnite and Minecraft. Jackbox Games might need to design a more involved game than its previous one party packs, but it is not an impossible challenge. Minigames might need to be simplified, but a VR party pack could lift other games such as Panoptic’s premise where VR players attempt to identify and eliminate others among masses of NPCs.

While an RV party pack It makes a lot of business sense to keep Jackbox Games at the helm, it might not be the kind of project the studio is willing to take on. Currently, there are plenty of other developers with asymmetric VR games released or in early access, so Jackbox Games might want to stick with their proven track record. Jackbox party pack format for his ninth jack box game, which will be released soon. However, that shouldn’t deter the studio from considering a VR bundle in the future, as these games will only grow in popularity as more people gain access to the technology.

The Jackbox 9 Party Pack is currently in development.

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Joseph K. Bennett