Intro to Sioux Falls event aims to retain young professionals

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – Workforce development remains a top priority for Sioux Falls and the city’s many employers, which is why the Chamber of Commerce and the Young Professionals Network met Thursday for an event designed to help young workers choose to put down their roots in Sioux Falls.

“I came here not knowing anyone, brand new to the community,” said Josh Muckenhirn, ISG Architect and YPN President.

It’s a story that many young workers face when they move to town for a new job.

“I had come back from the West Coast after living there for 10 years, when I came back I was sure I wasn’t going to stay,” said Kristin Hoefert-Redlinger, Northwestern Mutual talent director and former President of the YPN.

But many people in Sioux Falls have made it their goal to change that mindset by helping more young workers get hooked on building a life in the city.

“It’s the connections they make that will really ground them and bond for them in the community,” Muckenhirn said.

That’s exactly what happened for Meckenhirn and Hoefert-Redlinger, now two of the top leaders of the Sioux Falls Young Professionals Network.

“I got involved with YPN and with the chamber as well, that’s why I’m here, I got involved in so many exciting things,” Hoefert-Redlinger said.

They hope to help others make those same connections with their new Intro to Sioux Falls event.

“It’s geared toward new residents, interns, college graduates who are here and new to the area,” Muckenhirn said. “The goal is really to connect them to the community.”

Thursday’s event set a roadmap for Sioux Falls inside Great Shots, breaking every corner of town into a different golf bay with locals who can help share more about their neighborhood.

“Find out what are the best places to eat, the best things to do, the best attractions,” Hoefert-Redlinger said.

Hoefert-Redlinger says showing off all the city has to offer is key to helping recruit and retain more young workers.

“We hear that there’s nothing to do here, it’s a boring town, it’s small. But really there is so much to do here. The point of the event is to showcase all the great things that are here so people fall in love with the city so they move here, stay here forever,” Hoefert-Redlinger said.

The first Intro to Sioux Falls event was sponsored by several area employers who are still working to help attract more workers.

Joseph K. Bennett