In the past 32 years, no Gandhi has held a post of Prime Minister, CM or Minister, so why is Modi ji afraid? Gehlot asks

As the countdown has begun for the election of the Congress speaker, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said on Monday the party was “unanimously” in favor of Rahul Gandhi for the post.

“In the past 32 years, no one from the Gandhi family has become Prime Minister, Union Minister or Chief Minister. So why is Modi ji afraid of this family?” Gehlot asked.

The party’s electoral authority said it would stick to the timetable for electing a new leader by September 20.

Gehlot said that given the sentiments of Congress workers across the country, Rahul Gandhi should accept the role.

“If Rahul Gandhi does not become party president, it will be a disappointment for members of Congress in the country. Many people will stay at home and we will suffer. He (Rahul Gandhi) should accept this position on his own, understanding the feelings of ordinary people in Congress in the country,” Gehlot told reporters here.

The chief minister said that even within the party there is a favorable opinion for the appointment of Rahul Gandhi as the new president.

“The unanimous opinion is in favor of his candidacy for the presidency. So, I think he should accept it. This is not about Gandhi or a non-Gandhi family. organization and no one becomes prime minister,” he added. he said.

“During the past 32 years, no one from the Gandhi family has become Prime Minister, Union Minister or Chief Minister. So why Modi ji is afraid of this family. Why Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, must he say that nothing has happened in 75 years in the country, why is everyone attacking Congress?

“Because the DNA of the Congress party and the country is the same before and after independence. The Congress is the party that carries all religions and all classes,” the CM of Rajasthan said.

Gehlot said the Congress has kept democracy alive in the country for the past 75 years due to which today Narendra Modi is the country’s prime minister and Kejriwal is the chief minister of Delhi.

“For 75 years, Congress has kept democracy alive in the country. This is a gift from Congress to the country,” he said.

The Chief Minister expressed confidence that the party would again win the National Assembly elections to be held next year.

“We will win the next assembly elections and then the Lok Sabha polls in 2024. This time is not an easy game for Prime Minister Modi. The way Nitish Kumar kicked BJP in Bihar and Congress cornered the central government through protests led by Rahul Gandhi on the issue of inflation and unemployment, the Modi government has shaken,” Gehlot said.

Meanwhile, a Rajasthan Congress Working Committee meeting was held here on Monday. During the meeting, the preparations for the “Halla Bol Maharally” to be organized at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi on September 4 by the All India Congress Committee against rising inflation and unemployment in the country were discussed.

“The meeting discussed how to make the rally a success. For this, other meetings will be held at the district level on August 25 and at the assembly level on August 27. We aim to bring more than 50,000 state workers to the rally in Delhi,” said Rajasthan Congress Leader Govind Singh Dotasra, who chaired the meeting.

Joseph K. Bennett