“I refuse to go to my own birthday party because I’m not celebrating – my friends won’t cancel”

A woman has insisted she won’t attend the birthday party her friends are throwing for her because she’s not celebrating – but her friends refuse to cancel

The person does not want a birthday party (stock photo)

Most of us like to do something special for our birthdays – whether it’s throwing a party, going out for a great meal, or just spending time with the people we care about.

But not everyone likes to celebrate their birthday, and if you’d rather not recognize the date in the calendar, that’s your choice.

It’s the decision of a woman on Reddit, who found herself at odds with her close colleague and friend, who demands that she throw a surprise party for the woman’s birthday – even though she said that she was not interested.

The woman explained that she had never been a fan of celebrating her birthday, but now felt like she had to attend the party her co-worker was throwing because she would ‘humiliate’ him if she didn’t. didn’t.

She feels compelled to attend the party anyway (stock photo)


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In her post, she wrote, “My birthday is in July, I’m not celebrating. My idea of ​​celebrating is to stay home and get totally drunk, so I don’t remember.

“Recently a close colleague named Grace found out when my birthday is and got on my ass about my plans. not celebrating and I’m going to stay home and relax.

“However, I learned that she was planning a huge surprise for her birthday and told her not to worry about it as it would just be a waste of money. She got defensive, saying that I’m too young to hate my birthday and she already invited a whole bunch of people so I had to go.

“I already asked for my birthday week. Would I be the asshole if I stayed home and ignored everyone for the whole week, including my birthday? Grace will probably be humiliated if I don’t show up but I really don’t want to pretend I’m having a good time.”

Commenters on the Reddit post were largely on the woman’s side, as they said she told her colleague not to throw her a party, so she shouldn’t be forced to attend. a party she didn’t agree to.

One person said: “You’re not the asshole for whatever reason. It could be as simple as ‘I don’t like parties’ and what she’s doing would be inappropriate.

“And let this be a reminder to all – when someone doesn’t react to a situation the way you think they should, rather than pushing them to see it your way, you need to remember that each of us has our own own path and our thoughts and feelings are valid for us.”

While another added: “People who force a party on someone else who has made it clear they don’t want it don’t really care about them, they just want a party for themselves. It’s selfish and disrespectful.”

And a third wrote: “Grace is ignoring your wishes which is a sign that this party she is having is more for her than for you. Stay home and do what you want.”

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