Huge or exaggerated tribute?

If you’re like my family, you’ve had your fill of ham sandwiches and tacos in a bag lately. Yes it is graduation season and over the past month we have visited many garages to attend graduation parties.

I know firsthand how much work these parties can be, as my son is a graduate himself. All the preparation. Are you having the party in an outdoor venue or are you having the party inside your garage or house? In our case, we decided to bite the bullet and try to get our house ready for a party. So much cleaning and remodeling. We covered one side of our garage with a tarp, but other than that everything was moved to another area of ​​the house. It literally took days.

Then came the decorations, browsing through photos and bringing my son’s memories and accomplishments into the garage. Mrs. has saved just about everything since my son’s first day. Baseball, football and hockey jerseys, caps and sweaters. She mentioned that she was going to have a blanket made out of her shirts and old bathing suits. 700 dollars later she had THREE covers made. I couldn’t be too upset considering how awesome they all turned out. All of this and more was on display in our garage.

After making food from Taco Del Mar that was a huge hit with the crowd, buying enough Busch Light that would have some people thinking Prohibition was coming, and borrowing the tables and chairs from friends, we were finally ready for the party.

My son seemed to appreciate the effort we put in. He said it was a bit over the top with the shrine we put together. Hopefully one day he will appreciate all the pomp and circumstance.

I don’t really know how we got to this day so quickly. It seems like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital and now it’s time for me to let him go. To be honest, I’ve been dreading this period since the day she was born. 17 years ago, 2022 seemed so far away. All I can say, if you have kids, “Don’t Blink!”

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