Green Party welcomes complaints service for survivors of conversion practices

The Green Party celebrates a new complaints service for survivors of conversion practices launched today by the Human Rights Commission, and reiterates call for ministry for rainbow communities.

“We are delighted that help is now available for those who have suffered such horrendous practices, and we encourage them to seek out this free, confidential and impartial service,” said Dr Elizabeth Kerekere, spokesperson for the Greens for rainbow communities.

“Years of mahi and advocacy by our rainbow whānau and her survivors – and 160,000 signatures on our petition – have led us to this long-awaited result of the law banning conversion practices.

“Our vision is an Aotearoa where the diversity of the Rainbow people is celebrated and our rights respected, and that is why we continue our call for dedicated ministry to Rainbow communities.

“Chief Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt has stressed that continued funding is needed beyond this starting point, as the burden of paying for mental health support is too often left to our survivors. .

“A Rainbow Ministry would increase the capacity of the public sector to support, empower and resource our communities to address the institutional discrimination and barriers we still face in health, housing, education and employment.

“It took us until 2022 to ban conversion practices, we shouldn’t be willing to wait any longer for a voice dedicated to our rainbow communities in government.”

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Covid and climate change have changed the face of tourism. That’s why it seemed oddly premature last week for Tourism Minister Stuart to announce that New Zealand is no longer interested in mass tourism, or attracting the kind of budget visitors who “travel our country on $10 a day eating two-minute noodles.” .” Instead, New Zealand aims to focus its marketing efforts on attracting wealthy, spendthrift tourists. “In terms of targeting our marketing rotation,” Nash said, “it will be unapologetically at… high-quality tourists.” Oh good? The comments raised a few eyebrows overseas and a few hedgehogs here at home. Nash’s comments were also something of a gift for a clever opposition to paint the Ardern government as a bunch of liberal elitists out of touch with ordinary people…

Joseph K. Bennett