Gotham Garage’s Bling Party Truck Might Have a Flaw

In Car Masters: From Rust to Riches Season 4, the Gotham Garage team has taken on a project to convert an ambulance into a piece of machine. Fortunately, the donor ambulance was not the highly sophisticated machine we have today. But it was an incredibly well-maintained 1954 army ambulance, complete with scale kit.

This build was for a long time customer – John Perez who wanted to give it to his son upon graduation. The requests were pretty straightforward as he wanted Mark Towle and his crew to turn the dingy ambulance into a rolling party house on wheels. But the problem was that Perez needed it in five days! The deadline was tight and Mark came up with a strategy to go into full efficiency mode on construction because the payment was sound.

Gotham Garage strips the entire interior and transforms the back end into a party pod with custom lights, a glass ceiling and two flat screens. The exterior has also been given a makeover so that this ambulance-turned-party machine really “shines” on the roads. The mechanicals were mostly unchanged and Mark was able to complete the build in five days, surprise Damien and turn a profit on this bling build.

A military ambulance is converted into a custom party machine wrapped in gold for John Perez in five days on Car Masters: Rust to Riches Season 4.

An unusual party truck for an impulsive customer

John Perez is a former and valued client of Gotham Garage. He had the The Car Masters team builds a heavenly hot rod as a gift for his wife on their 20th wedding anniversary. But the particularity of Mr. Perez is that he is a very impulsive person and has a very tight deadline for all his constructions.

And so, when Shawn mentioned another build that needed to be done for Mr. Perez, Mark was ready for the most intense situation. When Mark and Shawn arrived at Mr Perez, they were treated to a very unusual donor – a 1954 army ambulance.

It was in fairly good condition and looked like Mr. Perez had just gotten it from an auction. He wants Gotham Garage to convert this rugged machine into a party truck and give it to his grandson Damien as a graduation present. And as expected, the problem was to complete the construction in five days! Even Mark wasn’t ready for such a short notice.

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A “Bling-It-On” Makeover for the Outdoors

Days were numbers, so Mark gathered around his team and hatched a plan to get that bling truck done as efficiently as possible. They decided to keep the exterior mods as minimal as possible and focus heavily on the interior, as that was the area that needed the most transformation. But the exterior was not left completely unattended. Mark replaced the rear axle with a dual setup and gave it wider fenders.

The entire truck was wrapped in gold to make it very evident of its party nature. Three jerrycans were added, one on the front passenger side and two on the rear, and wrapped in tape to go along with the wider rear fenders and give it a contrasting look. The stock heavy duty wheels were replaced with larger custom wheels that went along with the cool and loud exterior theme.

The interior is loaded with screens, lights, but something is missing

Since most of the party is indoors, Mark and his team pulled out all the stops with the rear end of this once-military truck! All military dummies and accessories have been removed and the rear has been completely redesigned.

A custom seating layout was designed along the length of the truck and two cut-out sections of these seats closer to the rear doors were also fitted with hidden cold storage units. A mirrored roof was installed with full-length RGB LED strips at each corner of the roofline.

These LEDs were encased in a custom Gotham Garage case. To amp up its appeal, the party house on wheels also features a disco ball and two flat screens. All-black upholstery helped draw attention to the light setup. Other than the same custom upholstery treatment, the driver’s compartment received no other changes.

This is all great, but something we noticed about the Party Truck has us a little intrigued. Usually party trucks, buses involve music from PA system. Interestingly, the show didn’t address this on camera, whether it had one or not.

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Damien loves his graduation surprise

After construction was complete, John Perez brought in his grandson for the surprise reveal. Damien was stroked to see the surprise, and a big, wide grin indicated he liked the party truck. Mr. Perez also seems very impressed with what the Gotham Garage team was able to accomplish in five days.

Gotham Garage makes a healthy profit

It was one of those safe builds where only efficiency and build quality mattered to the Gotham Garage team. They were provided with the donor and the only investment made was in works and other items which cost them $17,000. After Mr. Perez paid $35,000 to build the party truck, Mark and his team were able to make a substantial profit of $18,000 on this bling build.

Source: Netflix

Joseph K. Bennett