Gathr Unveils New First-Party Data Service for Accuracy

NEW YORK, June 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Gathr, an agency specializing in data-driven digital marketing, unveils an accurate consumer targeting service for brands. The Gathering 1st Party Database is now available to develop targeted, data-driven communications campaigns for consumer brands.

This consumer database contains proprietary consumer attributes. Along with detailed demographics, Gathr metrics include behavioral data, shopping trends, and history. This treasure trove of detailed consumer metrics will allow consumer brands to define their ideal audience for outreach, targeted communications, advertisements, new product reviews, and more, based on defined attributes consistent with the product offering. products. If its database doesn’t include an attribute that brands are looking for, Gathr will go out and recruit a specific audience list for them at no additional cost.

Bernardo Villela, co-founder and CEO of Gathr, recently explained the new offering for consumer brands and how it will improve their overall advertising ROI. “After talking to hundreds of brands and hearing their most pressing needs, we decided to focus Gathr’s strategy on leveraging our most valuable asset – our unique 1st Party database. We understand that consumer packaged goods brands struggle to find and reach the perfect consumer, and we’re uniquely positioned to deliver the precision consumer data that will improve reach and advertising dollars. »

Gathr is fully compliant with the rules, laws and principles of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the strictest in the world. Gathr never shares any personally identifying information of its opt-in members without their consent. Security and privacy are a priority at Gathr.

Members Represented in Proprietary Gathr 1st Party Database gladly shares information in exchange for Gathr-sponsored promotions, product samples, and gift cards.

The new direct data service for brands looking to create internal marketing will continue to be supported by Gathr if needed or requested. Gathr will sponsor rewards for consumers, if necessary, to increase the number of members who sign up to meet the needs of 1st Party database marketing.

Gathr is uniquely positioned to attract responsive consumers through its unique model of providing select free samples to consumers in exchange for reviews, user-generated content, feedback and demographic information. Gathr has built an invaluable database of mass consumer behavior traits with free membership who are active consumers who interact on digital and social media platforms.

The new 1st Party Data Services for Accurate Consumer Targeting by Brands is designed as a tool that can be used independently or in collaboration with Gathr’s experts. Brands can define their target and get delivered data that precisely matches their audience. The tool allows brands to ask specific questions to further narrow their audience, targeting high-value customers who have been hard to reach and identify.

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