Garth Brooks in Edmonton: Fans enjoy the party despite some logistical difficulties

Fans leaving the Garth Brooks concert at Commonwealth Stadium on Friday night were happy and smiling, despite some logistical issues that delayed the show and frustrated some.

“Incredible energy. He’s amazing, I almost cried on one of the songs he was singing about someone he cured of cancer for them. It was really, really nice,” said said Evelyn, a young woman wearing a cowboy hat.

“It was super awesome. Garth played amazing as always and we had a great time.”

Larry and Lorraine drove about five hours from Eston, Saskatchewan. to see the country star at the first of two sold-out shows in Edmonton.

“(The show was) fantastic, so happy he came to Canada and so happy he came to Edmonton. He has a heart for people and when he performs his heart is on his sleeve and he cares. really about what he does,” Lorraine said. CTV News Edmonton outside the stadium.

Brooks started the show late due to “highway and park-and-ride delays” and reports of some confusion at the stadium surfaced online.

“Know your door and be prepared for little direction. It’s a gong show here. They’re rusty. Super super rusty,” Spruce Grove Councilwoman Erin Stevenson tweeted. “The positive? People are very nice to each other. Really happy.”

“You couldn’t move at times. Definitely not COVID compatible, but the merchandising was long and the beer and the lines and stuff was long, but it was worth it,” fan Caitlin said after the spectacle. She said she waited about 45 minutes to buy a souvenir.

Others seemed to forget the hassle that can arise with a big event once the music has started.

“All of Edmonton and surrounding areas come together at once, finally it’s so nice to be in public with each other again. That was the best part,” said a smiling woman named Cassidy as she was leaving.

Brooks also had fun, saluting the city and the country in a post-show Tweet.

His second show at the Commonwealth is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. Saturday.

Joseph K. Bennett